Question about the LSH

I’m a huge fan of the original, pre-Crisis Legion, and I read most of Mark Waid’s run, which I guess was post-Infinite Crisis? But after re-reading Legion of Three Worlds, I’m curious about where to read about the post-Zero Hour Legion. I know the originals carried over into the Five Year Later series, but at what point did that era end. Was it with Zero Hour? Is the period between the beginning of the Five Year Later run and Zero Hour basically just retconned out of existence?

Are these the only Legion teams still around (prior to New 52 I should add, I suppose):

  • Original, pre-Crisis team, which had Pocket Universe Superboy, but then added back “main” Superman with the Geoff Johns run
  • post-Zero Hour team, is this the team with Livewire and XS?
  • Waid’s team, which was post-Infinite Crisis (maybe?) and were anti-old people
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Yes, the post Zero-Hour team is the one with Livewire and XS.

There’s is a 5 issue mini-series called Legion of 3 Worlds that deals with many of your questions.

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Mark Waid penned Legion material can be pre-Infinite Crisis by several years if you’re talking about his 90’s run or the title that began at the very end of 2004.

It can also be post-Infinite Crisis when his 2004-06 LOSH book evolves into Supergirl and the LOSH at the beginning of One Year Later in 2006.

I’d say none of those listed Legion exist in modern continuity. Various members of them do of course, but not those exact teams.

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Well we’re going to have a lot to sort out during our Legion club meetings

Can we play/watch the Legion cartoon during our meetings?

The Post Zero Hour Legion ran in both Legion of Superheroes (1989) and Legionnaires (1993) starting with issue Zero of each and the story runs in both alternating between the two titles which makes the logistics of reading it harder than some but worth it in my opinion.

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Makes sure to read the “next time” of each issue carefully to know where to go next. Also, the Post Zero Hour Legion is considered to be the future of a different earth now even though it is were Bart grew up. No idea about the canonicity of Five Years Later.

Thanks for that info. Do the Legion Lost, Legion Worlds, and The Legion series all connect to this era as well?

Yes, I believe the “Retroboot” of the classic continuity coming back doesn’t really start until The Lightning Saga crossover between Justice League and Justice Society of America.

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Legion Lost and Legion Worlds follow after Legion of Superheroes (1989) and Legionnaires (1993) ends with Legion Worlds best enjoyed about halfway through Legion Lost. The Legion series follows these two and is a convergence of both titles into one and ends when Mark Waid starts the “Threeboot”.

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