I apologize if something like this has been written in the threads, already. For all of you Young Animal fans, I have a few questions regarding the Crossover with the Justice League, MILK WARS.

At the end of the Crossover, Rita Farr resembles Jesus, and she is crucified with worms, squirming out of her. She has the “Revelation of Rita Farr”. where she stretches and realizes she is in everything.

The next page shows the map of the Multiverse, that Grant Morrison designed. Is this implying that Rita is the Map?

In the Epilogue of the book, Rita looks like she is bathing in Milk. The whiteness that engulfs her blends with the blank space of the page. If Rita is that Map of the Multiverse, is she being cleaned of that Coffee stain, by the Milk Bath?

Speaking of which, the Milk, used by Retconn is connected to the Blank space, found within every comic, right?

I think I got the main metaphor of the book - a powerful corporation wants to homogenize DC superheroes, taking away all of their quirks and strangeness.

That is why Rita is removed from almost the entire story, and is crucified, right? Because she is the best example of Bizarre superheroes?

Am I completely off? I really appreciate the time of whoever read this? It must sound like completely lunacy, but honestly that is what many Doom Patrol comics are like.