Question about Batman and Superman

New 52 restarted the universe. Some characters, like Batman, the history was virtually unchanged while others, like Superman, were redone again.

Then rebirth happened and the classic Superman, the one married to Lois, came back, meshed with New 52 Superman.

During this I remember Batman stating to the returned Superman, something along the lines of that he’s not out Superman. Here’s what bugs me and what I question.

If Batman’s history is virtually unchanged, wouldn’t he remember this Superman? After all, they were friends, served in the Justice League together, and was around when he died. Yet, he sees the new 52 Superman as his.

Can someone explain this to me in a way that doesn’t make it as convoluted as the Summers-Grey lineage from X-men?

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Batman’s history was compressed into a six-year period. Some of the major events still happened, but much of it clearly didn’t happen. For instance, each Robin was around for approximately a year before leaving Bruce’s employment.


Knox explained as well as can be. It’s pretty weird. We kinda discovered what was and wasn’t history as we went along.