Quentin tarantino is the only director I would trust for a Calvin Ellis movie.

Who would you cast as Calvin Ellis?

I vote for *Jamie Foxx *

Who would you cast as lois lane (earth 23)?

I vote for Kim feenstra

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I don’t think he’s right for Calvin Ellis. But I could see Tarantino doing a 70s style kung fu movie about Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva.


No thanks on Tarantino having any involvement with DC in any way.

As for Earth-23 Superman, while I’d really love to see Jamie Foxx in a DC movie, I’m much more interested in seeing Denzel Washington grace our cinematic doorstep.

He’s got the charisma to play the POTUS in general, but especially a President that also happens to be Superman.


I heard an interview once with Tarantino where he talked about wanting to do a Power Man movie in the 90s, but the superhero fan culture turned him off so much he abandoned the genre altogether. So, Vroom is right, probably not the right guy.


I know of all the interviews. I know his opinions on superhero movie from the written record.

I still think Quentin tarantino would make the best earth 23 movie. ( blaxploitation film)

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And no no no to Denzel. Like seriously???

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Oh God, no! Please lord, no. No way man… Wtf? Quentin Tarantino… fr, fr, F that, bruh. QT, wth? Bury that in Hades, below the 7th circle… in the basement of 666 Park Avenue, NY, NY… Where Jared Kushner host tea parties for Satan. No, No, No, Oh Hell No, No, No, no, no, no, No, Just No… N.O.


Tarantino on Earth 23? No.

Now, Tarantino on Jonah Hex, that’s a different story…

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I’d get the Coen Brothers to do Jonah Hex, myself. But it’ll probably be a long, long, loooooong time before anyone green lights a Hex movie again.

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All they have to do is find the right director and a new Hex movie would be a snap* to do.