Psychology of Supervillains Poll Results

So Sinestro is on deck for the month of April. (After all, April is all about fear, cuz who doesn’t fear doing their taxes. :rofl: )

But I’m putting up a poll for who we do in May.

  • Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Mirror Master
  • The Riddler

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The poll will be open thru Saturday, April 18th and the voting is allowed only by club members.
So if you want to vote, join the club.

If you are a member and have problems with the poll, please DM me, and I’ll work with the mods to get it sorted out.

I couldn’t choose between Ra’s and Riddler, so I voted the latter, just to make things difficult and give us an even spread.

And dammit. I’m still doing my Vandal watches. :sweat_drops: I’ll continue my debate in my own headspace.

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Sinestro won’t be starting for another week. And you can always feel free to add to an existing thread even if we’ve moved to a different month.

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Oo, we’re at a draw! Are you gonna vote, DeSade?

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Ra’s seemed more interesting on motives and execution. Riddler is the hardest to write for, which came up in another thread that may have died. totally not by me.

Yep I’m gonna vote, but we’ve still got 2 more weeks of the poll being open. I don’t want my vote to influence any others. Plus I like all three, if we end up in a tie, or a three way split, I’ll probably ask kelex and let the tie be broken that way.

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Bump. Since poll closes this Saturday.

it must be The Demon’s Head!! we can debate how to pronounce his name


I don’t remember where, but I seem to recall Denny O’Neill interview and Julie Schwartz had come up with the name, and his daughter/niece was studying Hebrew at the time and the correct pronunciation for that language is the “raysh’ pronunciation. Which makes sense that Julie would use the Hebrew pronunciation.

So I’ve always gone with and am firmly embedded in the “raysh” pronunciation.

Hmmm…this might make an interesting poll.

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When it comes to books, all the words are in your head, comics or otherwise. So, ‘rahs’ just worked. Until i heard it on BTAS. I don’t know when or how, but i know i ceded to the ‘raysh’ pronunciation.

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Yeah, he was perfectly ok for 15-20 years, because he was never on tv or movies. So the pronunciation didn’t matter. I think his first on screen appearance was in BTAS and they used Raysh.

the poll changed. is there a deadline?

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The poll is staying up through this Saturday, the 18th.
I have still yet to vote, I know who I’m voting for. Although, IF my vote creates a tie, I’ll probably discount my vote as being worth 0.5. But it would tell us who we would do for May and then June.

I’ll send out the results on Sunday.

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And now that I’ve scrolled to the top of the thread, you said as much in the first post.

Bump. Since voting ends tomorrow night.

last day bump

The poll results are in, The poll results are in.
Both The Riddler and Ra’s tied with 3 votes a piece.

We will tackle The Riddler in May and Ra’s al Ghul in June.

I want the club to guide who we tackle as well.
Mr Nigma snatched the win 3 votes to 2.9 votes for Ra’s
The Riddler gets the win by a scant 0.1% (I discounted my vote by 0.1%.)