For a project I have to do, we pick a category and write a newspaper on it. I got superheroes and villains. I’m gonna do a dc vs marvel article, the evolution of superhero comics, and possibly how the dark knight changed the comic movie industry. Do you guys recommend any other things I should cover? Can any of you link to some good podcasts?


Superman: The Movie and it’s impact on comic book based movies over the years could prove to be the basis of an illuminating text.


This is embarrassing, but I haven’t seen Superman yet. I’ve seen Batman though

It’s in our movie section. Go watch it, it’s phenomenal =)

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It’s on my list

That writers and illustrators are equally necessary to the art form. And here’s a good phrase to know, just in case you’ve never heard it. Sequential Art, basically story-telling in a sequence of drawn panels.

The original Dark Knight Returns mini-series by Frank Miller and Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Both moved superhero comics to “art status” and more adult themes. Unfortunately, they both led to the grim dark comics that followed. There was a time when Batman actually smiled, and not just in the old 50’s and 60’s or the Adam West TV show, but in the more serious O’Neil and Adams issues that made Batman back into the world’s greatest detective.

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I did the project today and I’m not sure about it. I put so much time and effort into my first 2 articles that I couldn’t finish the last one

You MUST check out Kevin Smith’s podcast, if this is your best source of intel: