Products With DC Oriented Names That Aren't DC Products

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Well, that was swell of them to tag you with pictures of Superman.

Darn nice group, it seems!


Tch, tch, sir!

But because you are my buddy:


A sitcom-style “Awww.” can be heard in the background of the scene.

Hmm? “Why am I tearing-up?” you ask?

Uh…no reason. Just…an eyelash in my…eyelid.

“Bull****. You’re touched by my picture.”

Well, come on. Its Lee Weeks art. Who wouldn’t be touched?

Grabs a facial tissue and wipes his eye.



Totes an eyelash, budski.


It seems extremely unfair that Lee Weeks is one of the best Superman and Batman artists of all time.

But I’m not complaining!


If Weeks was to pencil a book with Steph, just how quickly would you sell your soul, so that the title in-question would enjoy an Action Comics v1-style decades on-end (48, in that title’s case) run?

Asking for a friend…who has hooves, a goatee and, for various reasons, walks about with a pitchfork (don’t judge!).

SN: Said friend may also have been played by Ned Flanders in the early '90s.


Well, I would never make a deal with Mephisto - my buddy MJ Watson says that’s a super bad idea - but if I were to make such a deal, my soul would already be gone. :slight_smile:


Strokes chin in thought as he arches an eyebrow to an absurd degree.

You eat…deviled eggs, so…I think you might shake hands with He Who Leaves a Bathroom Without Flushing.

Just…shake his hand after he’s washed it (and flushed, natch).

Well, One More Day was a super-bad story, so there ya go!

SN: Superbad (like One More Day, also from 2007) however was a good movie.

“Have fun “playing hooky”* with Jules!”

“Thank you, I will!”

Yes, yes. If you “were” to make such a deal…

Of course, that’s inferring you haven’t when I know you bloody well have.

Arches eyebrow to above his hair.

Beat that, Mr. Nimoy!

*The real line, I can’t say, as there are children present.

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I have decided I make Angelled Eggs now. Which is the same as devilled eggs, but I play hymns while making them, so they’re all good and holy. :wink:

I…see. I think I will nod in completely agreement about OMD and sidle along… :wink:

If I have (and I make no confirmation or denial), then WHY DON’T I HAVE THIS BOOK?



Oh, for ****'s sake, just admit it: You eat the devil’s food!

“Well, you like Devil’s Food Cake, right?”

Yeah, but…shut up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read it if you have an hour to flitter away.

After all, maybe you’d actually enjoy it.

Because its only sold at Bookstar and Borders, and both went out of business long, long ago.

Need a Sucrets, pard?

Pulls out a package of Sucrets.

Try 'em with a Soder.

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I shall not!

I am sus.


Okay, fine…so long as you Riverdance to the song Chopsticks.

Believe it, you whimsically delightful sketch sus of a delightfully whimsical sus sketch, as Bookstar and Borders are, like the dinosaurs, dust in the wind.

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No, I will ballet dance in tap shoes to heart and soul.

gimme that Lee Weeks Spoiler art. GIMMEE


No, you’ll do that because we hardly ever agree on the same flippin’ thing! :smile:

Scoffs playfully.

In what universe do you get something as sweet as Lee Weeks art by just saying “GIMMEE” without at least saying “Please” first?

Not in this universe, where there is only one absolute: everything…“Freezes.”

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GIMME Please?


Nope. You didn’t say “Please” first.

Pulls out a cartoon antique register that rings up with “No sale”.

The cartoon register has spoken, mon frere.

Tiptoes into MN1’s cubicle after hours and slides some Lee Weeks art onto his desk, so that he’ll be pleasantly surprised in the morning. He then thumbs through some of the magazines on MN1’s desk.

Well, I didn’t expect to see that in an office setting. I’m sure you “read it for the articles” though, yeah?

Tiptoes out of MN1’s cubicle before Curly the janitor comes by.

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no I read it for the recipes.


It bears noting that as I tiptoed quietly (so as to avoid the attention of Curly, the janitor), I made tiptoeing sound effects (think sounds like “bing”, “bop” and “squink”, along with “Tippytoe, tippytoe!”) in sotto voce.

Well, I read it for the pictorials and fold-out photo spreads…back when the mag was more known for that kind of thing.

After all, if you don’t read National Geographic for its write-ups and beautiful fold-out photo spreads about Botswana, why bother with it in the first place?

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I tried posting this while sitting on the patio drinking, but mobile Community doesn’t seem very upload friendly.
(Honk and Donk’s first appearance was 1968)


If Fred Savage and Jason Hervey (Kevin and Wayne from the original version of The Wonder Years and the voices of the DCAU’s H&D) were ever spotted there, that would be beyond sublimely wonderful and then some.