Prepping for Titans Season 2

In preparation for Titans Season 2, I’ve decided that every week I’m going to read a couple stories from the source material. Every week I’ll write a brief summary of the issues. I STRONGLY enourage you to join me BUT this isn’t so much a book club (unless you want it to be).

Week 1:
The New Teen Titans #1-3 is one of the best 100+ issue runs of all time. Young Justice Season 3 stole many different ideas from it while Titans Season 2’s trailer has made it clear that this is a season focused on a new Team of Titans (like the New Teen Titans). This series created Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg, and also resulted in Dick Grayson becoming Night Wing and gave Donna Troy and Beast Boy a bigger role in the DCU.

In the comments below you will see a summary of what I’ve read. (If I go past #1-3 I’ll add them below)

Future weeks

The New Teen Titans
Hawk and Dove (2011)
Nightwing Year One and more!


Stay far away from that New 52 Hawk and Dove. That series is ROUGH.

And not just because Rob Liefeld is on pencils (although that doesn’t help).

Based on the trailer an episode or two may emphasize the old teen titans who appear to be

Dick Grayson
Donna Troy
Garth Aqualad or Tempest

Titans Hunt which occured just prior to Rebirth has these as main characters plus Roy Harper and Lilith. There is sufficient display of Hawk and Dove to understand their super powered version which i hope they will become in the series.

I think this is the best vehicle for the old teen titans.

The Hawk and Dove series are not well done. And they have super powers

The orginal teen titans in the 1960s had men in their fifties writing ‘hip’ dialogue for the team that it is very difficult to get through

Teen Titans Year One emphasizes Kid Flash Roy Harper and Aqualad too much with no Hawk and Dove

Nathan you should read the first 6 issues because thats the Trigon arc then the 84 runs first 5 issues. I feel thats what they were trying to set up in the show. Also I would check out Johns run from the 2003 Teen Titans it has Superboy and I feel that the show is going to be a mix of these three runs.

Happy reading either way. :slight_smile:

@Aquamoc I just didn’t see it as an arc.

Well arc might not be the correct term IDK but the first 6 deal with Trigon and its resolution then he comes back in the first 5 of the 84 run.