Post of the week 3/3/19

Hey, I’ve decided its a better Sunday Post than a Friday post. Here are my choices for best post of the week!

Post of the Week: maybe gonna cancel bc of this community @foxybridges

I chose this post because you guys are so nice and supportive of @foxybridges. I want to say I was heartwarmed reading over 44 replies in 19 hours which are all positive wonderful comments. Please go and support him because this is an awesome community. i did not chose this because of the title. Prove him Wrong!!!

Best General PostDC TRIVIA: ANSWER… THE QUESTION! @HubCityQuestion

Hard questions but really interesting answers!

Best Watchtower AnnouncementJoshua Orpin Cast as Superboy in TITANS Season 2! @DC Universe

Best News Article 10 Must Watch Episodes of STATIC SHOCK Joshua Lapin-Bertone

  • Of course any episode with Stewart is a must watch right? So fallen hero wins!

Best Comics Post Batman Paperback Reading Order (I have a long list) @danmhensley.41018

  • Great reporting on a batman order. Wanted to give this best investigative report but decided to give it this instead

Best TV Post Is Krypton Worth Watching? @jayco86

  • Very much worth it

Best Collectibles Post New/new-ish DC themed Hot Wheels products. @vroom

-Very thorough reporting. Also I love that DC still makes hot wheels!

Best Fan Creation Post Damian wayne Robin Fanart Franthejellyman

-perfect capture of Damian’s constant mood. I’d love to see a supersons fan art next or beat bendis to what the new relationship could look like!

Best Suggestion Box SHAZAM! Television Series (1974)

-And then a miracle happened !! It comes out tomorrow!

Best Random Topic I just submitted my graduate school applications @WonderFlash93

  • Congrats!!!

Best Investigative Report INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: From Debut to Ongoing Solo by @hubcityquestion

-interesting read!!

Best Event DCU Book Club Week 24: SUPER SONS (2017) Issues 1-5

Supersons is my all time favorite comic series. Any excuse to revisit it gets a guaranteed win, but in all seriousness. The discussion is incredibly well done and only proves my point!

Community Hero of the Week! @hubcityquestion

on top of an excellent That Night in Crime Alley came a riddle, trivia, investigative reporting and a limerick creation post.


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Wednesday: Rebirth reading order and recommended readings
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Sunday: Posts of the week

Congrats @HCQ


For someone who knows DC comic history really well deserved to be a Hero of a week. :smiley: Congratulation HubCityQuestion!

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I absolutely agree!

Congrats @HQC!