Post Crisis JLA Continuity Question

After Crisis on Infinite Earth’s DC retconned the Justice League’s origin so that Wonder Woman was no longer a founding member (this was because George Perez’ excellent ongoing series had established her leaving Paradise Island after most of the DC Universe heroes were already well established). They replaced her with Black Canary.

My question: When was this changed?

I’m pretty sure that Black Canary was still a founder as late as JLA Year One and that Perez’ run remained canon throughout Rucka’s. On the other hand doesn’t the Matt Wagner Trinity series (which I’ve never read) establish that Wonder Woman met Batman and Superman early in their careers thus superceding Perez?

Was Wonder Woman’s position as a JLA founder restored by Infinite Crisis or did it wait until the New 52?

Infinite Crisis really didn’t have much of an effect on the timeline except for a few specific instances… the more significant patch to continuity was in 1994’s Zero Hour, which also did not restore Wonder Woman founder status. It was indeed not until The New 52 that Wonder Woman was restored as a founding member of the Justice League.

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So then I assume that Trinity was never intended to be part of the canon? Or am I just wrong about when it takes place?

Also my impression of Infinite Crisis’ effects were that it replaced Man of Steel with Birthright and Year Two with Long Halloween etc.

Do you mean Busiek’s Trinity maxi-series? I don’t recall him writing Wonder Woman as a League founder…

@TheDemonEtrigan Year Two was decanonized by Zero Hour, and the publication of Long Halloween filled the gap. Birthright is in fact attributed to IC, though.

Actually, it was Infinite Crisis. There’s a page specifically saying that the changes to the timeline included Superman’s past as Superboy and Wonder Woman’s JLA founder status being restored. I’ll try to hunt it down so I can direct you to the exact location, but I believe it’s somewhere in the last issue.

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Yeah, Infinite Crisis #7, Page 4 or 5 or something. It’s Page 6 in the DCU Reader, but that counts both covers and a splash page.

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@Hub City Question

Matt Wagner’s three issue mini…the first of the three Trinity series to date.

Infinite Crisis re-established Wonder Woman as a founding member.

Yeah, I very specifically remember WW being a founding member as part of the Justice League relaunch that was penned by Brad Meltzer shortly after Infinite Crisis’s conclusion.


I thought I remember mention being made of it by Meltzer but I also recall Black Canary being mentioned as a founder in the same run so…