Possible Jason Todd Episode 6?

Anyone else think that the guy in red with the red lens goggles that is with Ra’s on Infinity Island (timestamp 20:27 episode 6) is Jason Todd, pre Red Hood? I mean he said grayson and is literally in a red hood!

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It could be “the real Dick Grayson” like Roy Harper went through. Or I also thought maybe it is Bruce Wayne who had his memory taken, but since Batman has his own team, the latter is invalid.

As for the first idea, everyone wondered where Nightwing was and Jefferson had left many voicemails, so that theory does have possibility.

But, your idea has a higher chance of being correct.

The second posters idea would be cool, but it would have to be the most devious misdirect and trolling in the history of the show if this is not Jason Todd.

The character, voiced by Josh “Shiro, Spidey, Hal” Keaton, is listed as “Red Hooded Ninja” in the credits. Plus the appearance of Talia with a baby makes it pretty clear that we are at least meant to believe that Damien and Jason have made their first official appearances on the show.

A clone of Nightwing in order to bring Red X into the series would be great.

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I definitely think that’s Jason… I mean, I heard once that everything the people who work on the show do is on purpose. So, the likelyhood of that being Jason Todd… way way up there…

They also hinted when Al Ghul said that he only thought that coming back to life was by using the Lazarus Pit