Possible future scenarions for DC Universe

There are a lot of rumors floating around these boards about the future of this service. These are my opinions and possible scenarios on how this will play out :

  1. DC Universe is doing well and will simply be added as a bundle with the WB service. I think this is the most likely scenario. There is a lot of doomsday talk going around these boards. Most of these are based on 2 things ; Swamp Thing getting cancelled and talk of WB re-evaluating this service. As far as Swamp Thing, this will not be the only show to get cancelled. Other shows will come and go, it is simply a fact of life in TV and streaming services. As far as WB re-evaluating the serivce, of course they are. They should constantly evaluate how things are going and what they need to do to tweek it. Again, it is how things work with any business.
    One thing to keep in mind, There will more than likely be DC content on the WB service. Some things I can see being on there are : The newer movies and original series featuring more well known characters. The average person does not know and /or care what Doom Patrol is, but they know and want to watch characters like Batman and Superman. I would not be suprised to see the Arrowverse land on WB. For those of you that call foul on this, look what Disney is doing. If you want to get all the Marvel content, you will have to subscribe to Disney +, Hulu, and Marvel Unlimited.

  2. DC Universe is struggling and will be folded into WB and the comics portion will be seperate and re-branded as a sort of “DC Unlimited”. I could see this as a possibility. I don’t see the WB service offering a comics selection, but DC is investing too much into the on-line catalog to just abandon it completely. The only thing I don’t get about this scenario is the monthly charge would be too high, especially if HBO is included. I don’t see many people spending more that 11-12 dollars or so per month for a service.

  3. DC Universe just folds - No way this happens, too much has been put into this just to fold it in a year. Most new start ups do not turn a profit in the first couple years. They would not even consider this in the first year. If it was doing very poorly, they would not be doing all the upgrades they have ( expanded comics, XBox compatibility, revamping the forums, etc ).

I believe DC Universe is alive and well and will be around for some time. Will things change ? Will some of these by unpopular ? Will some be popular ? Yes to all 3. Yes, Swamp Thing getting cancelled is unfortunate, but look at all the positive things that have happened also.


We have been told that Swamp Thing not getting a second season (at this time) DOES NOT effect the other announced series. T2, YJ 2nd half, HQ or Stargirl.

Those are separate productions and each is independent of the others.


Exactly, which is why I believe option 1 to be true.

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Bullcan, agree option 1 or something very close to it is most likely to occur. I’m betting we’re still here enjoying the DC fun 3 years from now, but with even more video content.

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I have an open mind about everything.


As do I. I am looking forward to enjoying this service for years to come.

I wish that this subscription had newer movies such as Wonder Women, Aquaman, Shazam, etc. it would be really cool if they got movies that release before they’re available on other services, like the upcoming Wonder Women 1984 could be available on this like a month before or something like that.