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Let’s see who can guess this?
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Pop quiz question:

What was Tim Burton doing at a different studio at the same time as filming Batman returns?

I will like the right answers

Developing The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or Ed Wood. They were both released by Disney ('93 and '94 respectively).

Pick one


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Yes he was doing both the nightmare before Christmas and Batman returns in two different studios at the same time how ever tim dose not like doing sequels so don’t expect more sequels thou Beetlejuice 2 should be coming in the future

On one hand I really want a Beetlejuice sequel. There’s alot of potential to work with, and Burton and Keaton are interested in it.

OTOH, it could end up as one of those sequels that sounds good in concept but in terms of “Did we really need that?” it could flounder in many ways. See Anchorman 2.

Lydia and the ghost with the most will return and he’s working on script but it’s as far as we know he is afraid of screwing up a superhero movie so he doesn’t do many its both a good thing and bad good he doesn’t want to screw it up bad cause he would make good ones