[POLL] Will DC Ever Make the The Wolf Among Us/Fables Comics Into a Movie/TV Series?

I recently read a big portion of the Fables comics & have played The Wolf Among Us, which is based on the same story & I’d love to see it made into an animated or live action film!

How likely do you think this actually happening is? (1-10, 10 being MOST LIKELY)

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WB had plans to do so, but when shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time started airing, the Fables tv show halted. Instead, (if I recall the timeline properly [despite being able to quickly research now]) the video game was released and the new Telltale will release Season 2. With that in place, a tv show may be highly unlikely. But, I rated higher in hope.


The Wolf Among Us is essentially an interactive TV show, so I doubt they’ll make that anytime soon. That said, I also thought there was no chance of the Snyder cut ever getting released, and I was pleasantly surprised.


Here is an interesting interview regarding Fables the tv show and Once Upon A Time.


It would be awesome to see that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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These things come in waves. So if there is a new wave of interest, more than likely. However, it seems like WB is focusing on other things at this time. Hopefully, there will be enough interest in the near future that they give it a try!

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Sweet, thanks for the link

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