POLL: Who's the Most Fearsome WONDER WOMAN: BLOODLINES Villain?

Wonder Woman loves good trial of strength, but this might be too much, even for her! In Wonder Woman: Bloodlines , Diana faces off against the evil of Villany, Inc., including Giganta, Medusa, Silver Swan, and the Cheetah! It’s a deadly team to be sure but which one is the most fearsome of the bunch? Tell us in today’s poll!

Let us know in the comments below who you chose and why!


:thinking:Wonder if those 4 ever team up and attack Wonder Woman at the same time? If they did they would’ve really given her a fight of her life!

I voted Giganta even 3 she’s not the most fearsome. I just want good things for her, like team-ups with Poison Ivy

I don’t think Cheetah wants to play well with anyone else.

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I mean Medusa feel like the clear answer. Cheetah is often portrayed with some humanity and most of the others are portrayed as bad people, but Medusa is a gorgon, a greek demon with poisan snakes and a stone stare as well as super strength.

Giganta for life! She has an interesting origin and makes a super cool cameo in the film. I would kill to see her on the big screen. Plus, don’t forget her appearance on HARLEY QUINN with Dr. Psycho.