POLL: Which Wonder Woman Weapon Is Your Favorite?

Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me recently made its debut on DC Universe, showing Diana at her finest—fighting monsters and battling some of her greatest enemies to save Steve Trevor. But which of Wonder Woman’s many weapons is your favorite? Make your choice now!

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Which Wonder Woman weapon did YOU Choose and Why? Let us know in the comments below!


It kind of has to be the Lasso of Truth. It’s the weapon that makes her most unique from every other superhero out there – it doesn’t cut, it doesn’t blungeon, it doesn’t do anything but confines and makes the bound listen to the truth inside them, possibly for the first time.


Definitely the Lasso. When I was little, the idea of wielding truth as weapon completely blew my mind. :exploding_head: It’s versatile and can do physical damage too, but :balance_scale: it’s power to bring integrity and balance is the most damaging of all…imo.
Plus, :eyes: look at it!


I always thought it was so cool when Linda Carter would remove her tiara, shape into a boomerang and bring down some fleeing thug.


When I hear Wonder Woman, I instantly think of her Lasso. Not only is it iconic and a unique idea of a weapon, but the Lasso is also with the Wonder Girls as well. I think the real question is “Where can I get one and how much will it cost?”


Sword of Athena! It was forged and wielded by Athena before passing to Diana. It’s magical, and can injure even the supposedly invulnerable - for instance, she used it to cut off Doomsday’s arm. Pretty BA.


The Lasso is her most iconic weapon. As far as close combat weapons, I’ve always wondered why they defaulted to a sword for her, given that the Labrys (a double-sided greataxe) was her mother’s weapon of choice.


I like her magic Lasso the best, forcing people to tell the truth.:slightly_smiling_face:


hmm i am unpleased by these results

Can we talk about Azzarello and Chiang’s suit with the armor? Is that an option? Like I’m not even sure I have a favorite weapon. I think they’re all badass.

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Ooooh… True! ~ I forgot about that one! (They did not make it an option… I suppose it is included in her armor?)

Aaah, yes!!!.. Good point there!
Labyris is also iconic for Amazons and female warriors everywhere!.. But because it was also adopted by the L of the LGBTQ+ community, perhsps it was due to not wanting to make this association even MORE pronounced! :laughing:

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I went with the Lasso of Truth as I think it could be Wonder Woman’s most iconic weapon. It was there from the very beginning and grew out of William Moulton Marston’s work as psychologist. It definitely played a role in both the Seventies TV series Wonder Woman and the feature film Wonder Woman as well! I think it could also be one of the most unique of Wonder Woman’s weapons. If there is another superhero who uses a rope (aside from Greg Sanders, The Vigilante, whose rope is a mere lasso), I can’t think of them!

Lasso it’s so iconic