POLL: Which Queer Hero Do You Want to Hang With During Pride?

Check out our poll in the News Section to cast YOUR vote on which queer hero YOU’D hang out with!

Let us know in the comments below who you picked and why!


Constantine will get you KILLED. I went with Renee.


me too


Great point. Renee and Kate seem a bit serious to hang out with. I’ll kick it with Aqualad.


Constantine. He has the right kind of bad attitude. I don’t drink, so I could live vicariously.


Aqualad ALL THE WAY!!!

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Yeah, it was a spilt decision but I went with Batwoman, because hanging out with John Constantine can get you mopped!


Aqualad. The others never had a chance!

I’d absolutely take my chances with Constantine!


It was tough but Batwoman cause hanging with John Constantine is the fasted way to die just ask Zattanna … Oh wait!:roll_eyes:

Constantine is a dangerous choice but I think it is worth the risk. It is Pride.


From these options probably Aqualad, with Batwoman being a close second. They seem the most laid back of the choices.

But out of the DCU in general there are plenty more characters I’d pick first. Danny the Street, Wonder Woman and Earth 2 Alan Scott would probably be my overall top picks.


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I wish I could pick Constantine and Kate, since they both know how to have a good time! Also so Kate could protect me when he gets crazy, and starts summoning demons drunk!! She could use her grappling gun and get us out of there stat, or hop on her bike and Bounce :joy:.

These are all phenomenal characters and I’d love to see them interact with each other and the rest of the DCU’s LGBTQ+ characters!

I’m disappointed that the results went cis white man, cis white woman, cis BIPOC man, and THEN cis BIPOC woman. I hope DC amplifies their attention to characters that are marginalized within multiple communities instead of just from the dominant groups.

The only one I know anything about is Constantine, so I went with Batwoman. If this reality has a John Constantine, that makes it seem likely it has a God, and I dislike the concept of God in general.

Also, as much as I hate to point it out, YES, EVERYONE HE KNOWS DIES.

Or if I can visit another reality and meet THE John Constantine from a DC continuity… Then that would get me killed, so, pass.

It’s Constantine 100% He’s a babe, a Brit, and Biiiiiiiiiii!


Let me know when Midnighter and Apollo, Swift, and Jenny Sparx are mentioned


Maura Lee!

But from this lot, Aqualad. Love the others, but I’d rather get a tour under the sea than shot in a slum.