[POLL]The Joker: Year One, The Joker: Growing Up or The Joker: Teen Years? (Live-Action or Animated Film)

Comments & thoughts on the recent live-action Joker film aside, I think it would be interesting to see the Joker as a teenager in animated form personally. I know the tormented aspect of his childhood would be on display throughout either type of adaptation of this type of movie, as well as his first kill/crime & something gruesome/insane that sets The Joker apart from other villains but I’d personally enjoy seeing him running amok à la Harley Quinn-esque as in her current animated series!

  • The Joker: Year One
  • The Joker; Growing Up
  • The Joker: Teen Years

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Out of those options, I guess I’d have to go with Year One. Really, though, I’d go with Option 4: banning anyone from using the Joker in the comics or other media for at least 2 years to protect the character from oversaturation.


I mean that’s fine, I wasn’t saying it would have to happen anytime soon. I honestly agree with that, in fact. :joker_smilehqtas:


I don’t wanna see any more Joker origin stories. The character works best with an air of mystery.


That’s a good point. I just want to see his teenage years or maybe early 20’s.

We should have a lot of Joker origin films each with a different actor like Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Jim Carrey , Caleb Landry Jones and etc, since he’s shaped in different ways every time just like Batman. Even with other villains like Scarecrow, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Mad Hatter as my most wanted ones.


I wonder if we will ever get Old Man Joker? Is that a thing?

Willem Dafoe would be perfect for that, and if so, then they should adapt from Arkham City where he is dying from a disease and needs a cure, and puts his blood into Batman so he has to.

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