[Poll] So How Do You *Really* Feel About 5G?

@moro thank you for that article. I was honestly kinda of scared when I heard the rumor that Marvel might be buying DC. I love Marvel comics don’t get me wrong, but I feel like if they bought DC and put the character in the Marvel main universe, it would taken an important part of all the characters of DC. It would have destroyed their history. Now to get that long tangent out of the way. I voted that I’m excited for the 5G event. I like the idea of characters aging in real time, like Savage Dragon of Image (even though the recent issues have been a little “different” then old classics). Also from what I understand, these characters will still have there own series will there successors will have their own at the same time. I’m excited to see what happens. The only complaint I have is that Terry McGinnis isn’t going to be the new Batman. I also kinda hope that not all characters (like Wonder Woman, she’s immortal how are you suppose to age out an immortal) pass on there mantle, I wish new heroes would just step up. Other than that I think it’ll be really interesting. Like Captain Boomerang jr. could have a cool redemption story as the flash. It’ll be cool to see what Jon will be like as Superman. Maybe they’ll address his abuse at the hands of Ultraman. I feel like they never really talk about emotional trauma from a superhero standpoint. They face the worst of the worst and are supposed to just shake it off (I know Heroes in Crisis was supposed to address it, but I just feel like they missed the mark). I think the Far Sector series is amazing so far, and I hope Jo Mullein gets the spot light. I also hope Naomi becomes a more important part of DCU in 5G event. I think her character has so much potential. All in all I’m excited.


I love your enthusiasm :grin:

If implemented in a way where we don’t lose stories about Clark, Bruce and Diana… and they don’t tie them down to a specific time period (my two main criticisms based on all the rumors)… I’d be a lot less apprehensive about it. Jim Lee saying it’s not a line wide reboot helps ease my qualms a bit :slightly_smiling_face:.

Always pragmatic when it comes to this stuff @Vroom. I like that about you!

To be clear not my intention to judge the books before they come out. Just to discuss how we all feel about the rumors/news swirling about.

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the idea of aging the characters is a slippery slope and far more reaching than most are thinking. If they aged from their continuity year of introduction, a character introduced in the 1980’s would be (probably) in their 60’s. I know they’re fudging the timeline but we would go from a whole universe of characters to every character dead or jacked up on Centrum Silver and Ensure.
Heck, the kids from The Simpsons would be pushing 40.
I don’t want a reboot to constantly change their ages. That’s something I can ignore.

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Can there be another option like “open to it” or “with exceptions” or something…??? I’m ecstatic at the idea that the timeline of this earth/universe will finally be set since everything was vague, wonky and didn’t really seem to fit together when New 52 started. Then, Rebirth happened and we got all this history back but no indication on how any of it connected, what got retconned, and what Convergence actually changed in the timeline.
So I’m glad the timeline is being set, but I’m not ready for the 5th generation. I want the characters to be ale to learn and grow but at a pace that seems natural and this doesn’t seemed earned at all. So I’m not ready to see everyone be replaced. And 2 of my favorite books are currently in shambles, one is cancelled (Titans) and the other the title character is practically written out of his own book (Nightwing) so I don’t want replacements, I want what I’ve lost restored and I don’t wanna see either of them restored just to get replacements shortly after.

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I’m more than a little confused at this point. I’ll wait to make an opinion until I have something to judge 5G off of. Right now I’m skeptical.

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I heard a rumor that Bruce Wayne will be killed off and replaced with a new Batman.

I hope that isn’t true.

@nightwing615 I hope it is that way they can stop using the Batfam as plot devices for him.

Thanks buddy. I don’t see a reason to get into hysterics over something that isn’t yet available to be liked or disliked, so pragmatism wins the day! :smiley:

I wasn’t referring to you with regards to judging books before they come out. Moreso, the Internet outside DCU. :wink:

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I love the idea of heroes passing the torch. Without it, we wouldn’t have Wally West as The Flash, Nightwing as Batman, etc. Change can be good, but only when proper time is taken to flesh it out. No, I don’t think 5G is going to be the end of DC Comics, though I am tired of major events. And to those of you who aren’t looking forward to 5G, it’s not going to stick. One thing about comics that will never change, is that everything goes back to the status quo in the end, albeit with minor differences.


I’m feeling like it’s possible 5G isn’t going to happen.

What makes you say that?

Jim Lee

Okay so I’m really out of the loop because idk what’s 5g. :sweat_smile:
I’ve heard about a reboot, but not much else.

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Honestly, you’re probably better off being out of the loop. Most of the information out there is based on rumors, with little official info released by DC. Things seem to be in flux, and it may best to experience whatever they have in store with no preconceived biases (guilty).

If still curious, you can check out this topic:

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Thanks for the help!

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5G will likely still happen in some form, be it in a post-DiDio truncated fashion or carried out as it was originally conceived.

There’s too many editorial and talent coordination pieces on the board to completely scrap it now.

I saw a YouTube video where the speaker theorized 5G could be similar to how things occurred during Convergence (among other events): current books are suspended for a few months while the event in question rolls out, and once it’s finished, the previous books would resume with new stories alongside brand new titles.

My understanding of 5G was that it wasn’t going to be a Convergence-esque (in editorial terms) event, but rather the direction that the DC Universe line would be guided by for the forseeable future.

In any event, I’m curious to see what comes of it. Bear minimum, if we get a new JSA ongoing, then there’s at least one great thing to look forward to.

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Direct quote from Jim Lee saying they’re not going to be aging up characters and shoving them to the side. He gets into it around the 2:50 mark in this video. Funny how all the articles didn’t mention that part. This kinda changes my outlook towards the whole thing.


Not really sure,