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The first issue has sold me. I need to go back and catch up on everything that lead to this run now.


The first issue Loving the unicorn van. I like that this connects to her Gotham city villains entry, well the batman backup connects that to the events of this first issue…I think Ivy is having a :poison_eyebrowhqtas: midlife :poison_unamusedhqtas:…quarter-life crisis. :poisonivy_hqas: I will say it i like that she is no longer green as this is the ivy my mind goes to when i think of her :0_poison_ivy_tas: has since I was 5 and watched her on BTAS for the first time…ivy, Harley and Selina are criminally underused in the cartoons since BTAS outside of Harley Quinn.

ok, this symbol is bugging me I have seen it before…I don’t remember wear but it reminds me of Two Scandanavian runes for z if they were laid on top of each other with one inverted (see second picture)

Runes scandanavian


Dear G Willow Wilson & Marcio Takara,
I had high hopes for this, and now that we’re finally here, it didn’t disappoint. We’re only one issue in on what appears to be a Suicide mission, and I can’t wait to read the rest. The dialogue & artwork is really working to set an eerie atmosphere. I won’t speculate who the letter is for, but you hit a lot of what I believe to be important character beats right away (like when she meets the bartender or the pages describing what it’s like not being able to merge with the Green) and all I can say is I’m down for wherever you’re going take me. I mean…we even got some old skool action-Ivy! :0_poison_ivy_tas: I know it’s early, and I’m a little bit biased as a Poison Ivy fan, but so far… :icecream::face_with_monocle: you should be very proud! :rose:

Ps. This is page is absolutely :star_struck:

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Additional thoughts on Dr. Isley:

Another solo for Ivy is long overdue, and I’ve thought about why I would enjoy a character who is so matter-of-fact about death (and murder) fully aware that I’m supposed to view her as a villain, but while I know she goes to extremes, I’ve just never completely seen her that way. Virtue vs. villainy isn’t always black and white. Maybe it says something about the people, and the women especially, who raised me that she has always felt familiar and like a guardian. Conservation, Feminism and Environmental Justice are not new to me. :earth_americas: Or maybe it’s because I agree that death is only half the story—creation and destruction do go hand-in-hand. Hell, religions are formed in an attempt to understand them, so caring about balance & harmony, in the ecological sphere we call home and the truth about human limitations is timeless (and timely).

And there’s plenty of other reasons she is a strong representive for a variety of readers, imo, so I’m happy she’s being treated with care and written as more than just a 1- dimensional plot device that gets objectified or vilified for the sake of fantasy. I :100: get why she is used that way, but it doesn’t have to be all the time and it can also be done simultaneously. It makes her a better villain this way (OR anti-hero if writers take that route). The writer and artist just has to show some empathy. We have that here so far. :pray:t3: So, thank you.:green_heart:

Now here’s this… (and yay! @TheCosmicMoth! I always enjoy your analysis—welcome!)


Its nice to see more Ivy as a villan because she is one of the most scarest rogues that Batman has


I will try not to let you down @Razzzcat! I just, just finished reading this and it did not disappoint! First, obviously, it’s just great to see Ivy getting her own monthly! Long overdue. There’s quite a bit of mystery to this first issue as it feels like a lot has happened to Pam in between when I last saw her in Harley Quinn #10 and what’s going on with her now (unless I missed something- I am VERY behind on my reading). I look forward to having those questions answered and to seeing how we got to Ivy’s current mission and state of being.

What I liked the most about the first issue is that it felt a lot like an Alan Moore Swamp Thing story but from the perspective of “the monster.” It was well-paced, grisly, and had a distinct horror atmosphere to it. It definitely helps that Ivy’s perspective on the world, society, and morality are… unique. She definitely doesn’t see herself as a villain and, well, a good deal of the time I don’t either, but most of the world certainly would. That will shape up to be interesting especially when the capes inevitably get involved to stop her from “saving the planet.” I was also blown away by Marcio Takara’s art. Beautiful stuff, and… oh…
Hi, Frank:
Hi Frank

I have one, minor gripe: The scene where she’s harassed by the two losers in the bar only for them to meet a terrible (?) fate is kind of a played out trope at this point. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there was a very similar scene in Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death as well as in many other stories/media. I like the psychedelic finale that the scene lead to, but… basically I’m saying it was a played-out way of getting there.

All in all, this was a great start to Ivy’s long, long, looooooong overdue monthly series. I’m glad it’s finally here and will happily continue along with Pam on her crusade!


I did miss something! Ivy’s back-up in Batman #124! …That’s what I get for being behind on my Batman reading…


It’s brief, but will answer some Qs. Also :hugs: Hi @TheCosmicMoth! You didn’t disappoint! :green_heart:

Definitely agree with this. Horror elements go well with Ivy, imo, so I’m happy with it. :+1: Loved seeing Frank. :frank_grinhqtas: (needs a Frank tee asap)

I felt the same about the guys at the bar (immediately thought of Cycle of Life and Death), however in its defense, I will say that this is a situation still far too common for women to skip it. You’re right it does feel a bit overdone, but then again, that’s because these kinds of guys still exist. :neutral_face: And I can’t complain too much because it gave us a tiny classic Ivy fight scene lol, I can let it slide. :see_no_evil:

@Nobody.bladesmith Yes! :unicorn: At first I thought I was just seeing things, but it’s not just me. :clinking_glasses:


:neutral_face: Oh… I know… and that kind of behavior is inexcusable. I’m sorry, ladies!


Ps. Just remembered: The scene in Cycle, she makes the creepy dudes :kiss: make out with each other :laughing: …definitely different.


lol, I could only remember it well enough to know that it was something to that tune…


You’re still right tho. If we reminds us of something, that means maybe we see it a bit too often.


Hey, like I said, it was a minor gripe and I wouldn’t have even thought of it if I hadn’t read Cycle of Life and Death with you. It did not ruin my enjoyment of what was a great first issue!


Oh no, I caught that. I’m going stop typing now :laughing: have a great night! Your Superman post inspired me btw. :books: So I have even more to go check out this week. I’m gonna go do that.


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Read through the first issue and the Batman back-up earlier today and I’m really digging where this is going. It’s interesting seeing where they’re taking Pamela here. I remember recently in the club thread for Fear State, after reading the issue for The Gardener and what she did with Pamela, I remarked that it was kind of a morally grey move to basically take someone who is going through what was a traumatic event and fix them by essentially breaking them in half. I feel like this story directly addresses that in a way that gives both stories some great added depth.

I also just loved the voice that Wilson did with Ivy. She doesn’t come off as a cackling, psychotic supervillain, nor does she come off as sympathetic. What she does and is doing in this story is horrific, and terrifying, but when we get into her head and see the story and thoughts behind it, you understand why she’s doing what she does. I’m seriously wondering where she goes after this mini-series is over, because she’s definitely approaching this plan like it’s a suicide mission, like she would rather die while accomplishing her life’s work rather than live without her connection to the green.


This image is what reminds me of Genocyber its a very disturbing Lovecraftian cyberpunk horror anime I found a pic of the main characters’ transformed state and it just reminds me of ivy in this shot. this is the best one I could find from the actual anime. (it an old anime Horror and hard to find and again very disturbing…I want to emphasize this point as it’s on the lists of disturbing anime that haunt your nightmares) remove the wings, add a propper human face and and replace the wires with organic plant mater and this is Ivy in this shot.

Again do not go watch this anime if you want to sleep tonight it VERY DISTURBING. How I rented it when I was 13 I have no freaking clue…because the people at Blockbuster should not have let me rent it. But it’s likely why I like Lovecraft now.
The writer of this post assumes no responsibility if someone goes and does what he says not to do as he has warned you several times not to watch this anime..
although i do recommend the theme song from the anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFpp9b-O_JU


I just finished reading this. I enjoyed it, even if I was a slight bit lost. I’ve read Fear State so I thought I’d be caught up enough, but I was wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
I do like that Pamela is portrayed more villainously here. There was recently a digital X-Men comic where some characters went on a murder spree to “save the planet” and I’m fairly certain the readers were supposed to applaud it, which seemed wildly off to me, so I’m glad what she’s doing in this series isn’t being portrayed as purely good.
I’m not the biggest Poison Ivy expert, but has she worked with fungi much before? I always associate her with plants, so I’m not sure if fungi fall under that for her or if this is a new thing based on where she’s at right now.


Poison Ivy #1 was my second-most anticipated book this week and it was good.

I’ll be back with a more in-depth analysis later, but suffice to say, this issue was :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2: and then some.

SN: @TheCosmicMoth got @Razzzcat into a Superman title! :partying_face: As a giant Superman fan, I am quite happy to see that.

high-fives Moth, then turns to Razzz and says “You’ve just taken your first step (of hopefully many) into a larger world.”


lol! I’m happy that post did some good! When I was posting about Superman a decade ago, I succeeded at starting fights more than anything else.