Please do not make anything like this EVER again

I loved Titans, can’t wait for season 2. This season was all about establish the world that Titans exist in, and introducing the characters.


You did not like the show, and feel those who did should be deprived of it?

And you know it is a dream, but you are complaining with the way characters were used. Do you get how dreams actually work? You do realize that a dream version of Batman breaking into a hospital to kill a dream version of the Joker…does not represent the world’s Batman doing it? That it represents Trogon trying to manipulate the dreamer?

Finally, as many have said, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But don’t assume you have the majority opinion because you have an opinion.


I guess my problem with Titans is the age of comics I enjoyed (started reading them in the mid-60s). They were an escape from real life. Bad was bad, good was good; the lines weren’t blurred. Batman moved on the day he had to pick up a gun to overcome an opponent (though that was in a later version ‘Batman Beyond’). The combat rarely resulted in much more than unconsciousness. I have adjusted to most of the modern trends, but Titans crosses too many lines. Does that make Titans bad; no but it makes it bad to me. This is why I stopped watching after 2 episodes; I can say it’s horrible, but I am referring to my vision of what I expect the Titans to be. It does not mean the series is poorly done, written or acted; it is just not for the audience of which I am part.


Titans did a great job by giving us references to Batman’s rouge gallery you posh git.


Decades change and comic book adaptions have a right for their own mix… to an extent

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Is this post a April fool joke in December?


Dang. Really? Wow… are you judging off 1 or 2 episodes? If a fan watches the whole seadon, they should understand it. As far as the violence and swearing… I didn’t expect it, but the first trailer had the whole, “F Batman!” scene and the fight scenes were awesome throughout the season. Just dont watch it. I dont think you watched that last episode, because you’d realize where you are wrong if you watched the whole thing.

I hope this dude reads the replies and actually watches the season… just to actually realize how wrong they are and get to see tbe great moments tjey missed.

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My new phone is sensitive, so bare with the shitty spelling. Lol

You are right on your who cares statement.

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Unfortunately DC Universe doesn’t have a brain check at the door

This sucks. Most have been celebrating Titans. Honestly, if you don’t like the show, watch Teen Titans Go!.. or the original series. They are great too.


As someone who owns thousands of batman comics and has 100% every batman game and searched for the Easter eggs, I loved the batman episode. Sure it was over the top because SPOILER it was a dream, but the bat cave, the costumes, the motivation was all 100% accurate to my eyes. And preference as for how it was handled. It wasn’t real and the movies ( other than aquaman) those disrespected me on how they handled characters.


As for star fire she is blackish, red and it was teen titans og that created the whole starfire shoots Lazers and cant speak correct English.and is Asian white. Soooooo.

It was a dream/nightmare shown thru Graysons eyes, his views of Gotham & his biggest fears. It had a live action Ventriloquist & Scarface, Batman battles the GCPD, started with Grayson & Dove in a relationship & ended with Superboy & Krypto. All amazing attributes for me & that’s only a sample of all the things I loved. Trigon was torturing Grayson showing him the worst scenarios he could.

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Titans is actually one of the best comic book-based TV shows of all times!


I enjoyed it. After watching shows like Smallville over the years & watching the Arrowverse grow, I’m content with many comic book TV shows. Do I wish they were closer to the comics, yes, but I’m just happy they exist & are entertaining. Really looking forward to the Titansverse.


You thought about walking out of the room you were in… or… you could have just stopped the episode and gone back. Sorry but that was a bit dramatic.

As for disliking it, fair enough your criticism but if you were miserable every week but kept watching it some of it is on you for torturing yourself.

As for wanting it to not make a season 2. Not a fan of that mentality. Don’t watch it or watch it to criticize, but clearly people like it. Not a fan of the mentality “I hate this… s it doesn’t deserve to exist!”


These aren’t the Teen Titans. This takes place after the “Teen” Titans. Donna and Dick were “Teen” Titans. This is the evolution of the team.

DanTheManOne1 i agree with you 100 percent. plus never go in to a show or movie expecting what you have seen in the comics or in the cartoon.

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