Please bring back Demon Knights! We need a follow-up!

I just finished reading TN52’s Demon Knights, and it is incredible! So much fun. The ending painfully sets up for more content…and I don’t know how much it’s been discussed, or how much support it has, but I just want to be able to have that conversation - everyone I know that has read it loves it - the characters, story, and setting are all amazing! We need more fantasy in the DC universe! If any of you guys agree with me, show some support! I know it got canned during TN52’s run because of sales, but I guarantee with the right advertising and exposure it can be highly successful. We’re living in a different time period now…I think the advent of services like DCU and Marvel Unlimited have people checking out more series beyond just your typical front runners, and people are starting to see just how fun these other stories can be! Let’s give this story some continuity, you guys! It more than deserves it.


Shining Knight was my fav.