Pick a key issue

You have a budget of $5k, what key issues would you buy???

Personally, I would buy a copy of Flash #110 (the first appearance of Wally West), then I would buy a copy of Brave and the Bold #s 54, and 57 (the first appearances of the Teen Titans and Metamorpho respectively). Lastly, with the money left over I would buy a copy of Plastic Man #1 (from 1943) (if I can find one within budget) and Showcase #22, the first Hal Jordan and Green lantern #1 (the 1960 series)

(All of these books would be low to mid-grade in order to save money and be able to afford them all haha)

What would you guys get?

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I’m much more of a comic reader than a collector (outside of the literal definition of being a collector/acquirer) so…I don’t know really.

I’d be more inclined to buy trades that feature key issues and spend the remaining scratch on other DC goodies outside the comic fold.

Or just put what’s left of that money after said trades have been acquired in the bank. Boring answer in that aspect but it is a sensible one.

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I already have an extensive silver age collection, one of the perks of being a really old dude whose mom didn’t throw out my comics when I left home. Actually I’m thinking of selling off my Golden Age collection, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

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All-Star Comics #57

Or maybe Justice League of America #191