PG-13 Deathstroke Comic Suggestions?

My Son wants to read Deathstroke. He fell in love with the character while watching the tv serious Arrow, the getting to meet Manu The actor that played Slade in the show.
My question i, are there any PG-PG-13 series that would be good. cleanish for a 14-year-old boy to read,


First off, welcome to the community!!

As far as PG-13 Deathstroke stories go…I believe most all of them DC has published, in his own series and in his appearances, are going to be PG-13. The only R rated Deathstroke I can recall right now is his animated film.


I’m no parenting expert, and I don’t wanna end up accidentally scarring your child, but the Lazarus Contract SHOULD be tame enough. Especially if he likes Deathstroke stories involving the Titans.


When you’re reading any comic from DC, you can look at the cover for a rating. “All ages” is, well, appropriate for all ages. “T+” is intended for ages 13 and up. All Deathstroke comics are rated T+. “M” comics are the equivalent of R-rated. Vertigo and Black Label material tend to fall in this category.

I would recommend the Deathstroke series from the 90s, or the Deathstroke from 2016.


i can suggest the 2014 and the rebirth run its a good introduction and build on each other and is pretty tame compared to earlier series

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Deathstroke rebirth (any rebirth really, he is also in the teen Titans comic, near the end. Any rebirth would be ok, but not Harley Quinn)

I didn’t know where to find the ratings thank you