Parallax vs Ant-hero maybe needs Punished

Ok so I got bored and started taking pics of Action figures (old school) lets me know what you think.


Parallax vs. Toy Biz animated Spider-Man Punisher: Dawn of Justice…from a certain point of view.

Cool stuff! Got a Total Justice/JLA Kyle Rayner and Toy Biz Silver Surfer? You could have fun with that.

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Send them my way and I’ll take a cool pic or two ! Plus send them back .


I haven’t owned a Silver Surfer figure since 2009 or so, so that won’t work.

I’ll just stare at Parallax v. Punisher: Dawn of the Grumpy Guys photo again. :slight_smile:

I wanted that Punisher when I was a kid, but never got him. Kraven was the only figure I ended up getting from the animated Spidey line.