Panama City fl/ DC comic is amazing like please read this! Comics 4 Kidz!

I was just contacted by an amazing individual at DC comics letting me know that DC will participate in my drive Comics 4 kidz. It’s for kids affected in my town of Panama City Fl from hurricane Michael it ruined our great city and we are rebuilding but we are still without power and water. So I have been doing a drive to give comics 4 kidz and DC itself is participating so if that doesn’t tell how great this company is and how much it should all means to us nothing will! So if you would like to donate also just email me at and I will do my best to get back as fast as ic am to where to ship. Thank you so much and God Bless!


Tell us more about the charity please

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you’re doing good work…keep it up!


That us awesome on DC’s part. And ofcourse awesome of you for organizing this. Wishing you and your hometown I’ve visited many times the best in these difficult times.

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So basically the charity is the kids who suffered from my hometown have lost there hopes, there schools, there toys, everything. So I out of my own collection started handing out comics to kids for them to entertain them and also because superhero’s give us safety, they inspire us, and of coarse they give us a moral compass. Shoot I’ll be read my comics and the ones on here more than I can count because comics make me and us want to be better. So basically some shops and now DC have donated any comics. Old, new, damaged it doesn’t matter we take any and then I go out into the community and set up a stand to pass hem out I post bulletins on Facebook and I call one of my local radios and they always let everyone know that I’m out there and so far I’ve passed out over 1200 comics in 4 events and it’s just been amazing. Kids reading and just loving the fact to have a story. I love DC and I love comics. It’s my passion I dream of writing for DC one day I practice a lot and it’s just amazing I can share DC to everyone else. But thank you guys so much and God bless because you guys are amazing and thank you for caring about us. #comcis4kidz!