Our Superman throughout the years

Happy Monday! Here’s a nice little image of our big blue boy scout over the years. No matter how many iterations of the costume we get, the iconic look is never lost.


This is a beautiful image, and well said, Redd- so many characters change dramatically over time, but Superman remains timeless and classic.


Super cool. Thanks for posting it.

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This would be something that I’d frame and hang on my wall!


I am not a lover of Superman by any means, but I really think this is amazing. Thanks for sharing @ Redd_X!


This has got to be made into a print for framing!

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The Fleischer and Legion Supermen are my favorites from this picture.

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Man,that’s a lot of suits.

The 70s and 90s really did it for me👌

That’s dope it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ll take Golden Age, Reeve, Byrne STAS, Blue, and New 52 please.

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I agree with all that have said this should be a framed work of art- how about securing the rights to this from Mr. Segwood? I think and putting something really cool but not just for investors and collectors in the Member Store!

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Superman 96 is my favorite

Though I’m normally an advocate for the classic big blue costume, (def. didn’t like the N52 costume at all) but I gotta admit that I actually like the black background symbol either from ‘01 or from Kingdom Come.

My favorite look for The Man of Steel has always been the classic costume with the red underwear. And it must have the yellow “S” on the back of the cape. But I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the black suit when the big guy returned from the dead. Damn, did Dan Jurgens so draw the hell out of that costume!