Other People Who Don’t Have a Local Comic Shop, Where Do You Go to Buy Comics?

There’s also instocktrades. I’ve used abebooks before.

Some book stores carry comics. I usually investigate my local bookstore and they will order ones I am looking for if they dont have it.
Online of course there are more options to go with so it depends on how you want to go about it really.
I try to go through the bookstore since we dont have a local comic book store (they all went out of business or moved to cheaper area to rent :frowning:) so it depends what you can utilize locally. I can find Dark Horse comics more easily since I live in Oregon but it is hit and miss with DC and Marvel comics. Also indie comics I usually just go through the comic’s website since that is the easiest way to find their stuff.


If you just want to be able to read new comics as they come out, you can go digital. ComiXology has subscription options for all ongoing series on the site, and they have most new trades and OGNs the day they come out. If you don’t mind waiting for the trade of a series you’re following, you don’t have a lot of disposable income, and you do have a library card, you could use Hoopla. If you want your comics physically or just want to support comic stores in general, you can use eBay. Lots of comic stores have profiles where they sell new issues, back issues, and TPBs. There’s also DCBS, which ships you all the new issues from your subscriptions on the site at the end of the month. If you don’t mind reading your books a little late, that’s a valid and relatively inexpensive option. Hope this was of some help!

I also don’t have a comics store in my town. As such almost all my comic reading is done digitally but when i want something physical to read, i hit up my local library and see what they have to choose from.


I think I mentioned in another thread that I typically use mycomicshop.com, but I do sometimes use midtowncomics.com. Before I moved, the nearest comic shop was over a half hour’s drive away, so I used to buy online a lot.

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Short answer, DCU. Sure they are a little out of date but compared to what I had before they are practically modern!

Long answer,

Okay so I don’t have a store near me either, before DCU I would read comics as I found them at used book stores, general stores (rarely), and other small places. Now that superheroes are popular (never thought I’d see the day) you can find them at just about any store that sells books in volumes (not single issues). You might try local libraries too. If you have the money you can order them online. I also had some friends that would give me old issues after they were done with them or “aged out” (they were crazy to get rid of those things). I have never been “up-to-date” on comics because of these methods and I could rarely access full series but I don’t mind.

Summary: find a bookstore/ library, order them online, or get DCU.

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