Original Wally West Flash deserves his own solo series

Many of us grew up seeing Barry dying in Crisis #8 in the mid-'80s and then watching Wally West growing into his own in The Flash (vol. 2) and develop for over 20 years in which DC respected Barry’s heroic death saving the multiverse. Then, in revisionist fashion, they revived Barry, and Wally has been ever since underserved (and even forgotten completely during the new 52!!). Although the original Wally was placed at the very beginning of the recent Rebirth (thank the new gods!!) as an essential element of the reboot he is STILL to get his own solo series while a lot of very minor or new and unknown characters are getting theirs. What is up with that?! (Oh, and please let’s have Brett Booth pencil it!).


Brett Booth and his art team better be the first they choose to pencil a Wally solo! I wholeheartedly agree that DC needs a Wally solo series with the way they’ve been treating a whole generation’s Flash lately. Barry comes back and Wally is immediately shoved to the side. When Barry died in COIE, Wally took on the Scarlet Speedster role in memory of Barry and surpassed the person he admired the most just to preserve Barry’s memory.

Since Barry has Flash, how about letting Wally be the lead in Speed Force? Especially since we got through Flash War, Wally can get on with the repercussions and go on searching for his kids and the other Speedsters while Barry does his thing in Flash.

Side note: where the hell did Bart run off to? Haven’t seen him since the end of Flash War.


I really hopethe powers that be DO greenlight a Wally Flash book. I like the idea of calling it Speed Force or FLASH Legacy! or even resurrecting old names like All-Flash or Flash the Fastest Man Alive!


I’d love a solo Wally book. I’ve been enjoying the new run on Flash, and loved that Wally came back with Rebirth. But, he was “my Flash” (just as Kyle was "my Green Lantern) so I’d buy his solo book in a… well, you know.


Agreed! I’ve been waiting years for DC to give him his own series again.


Why not

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Does anyone remember Geoff Johns’ plans for a Speed Force series? He teased it before Flashpoint started. It’s obvious why the Book was scrapped but I’ve always wondered what Johns would have done with it.


Wally is my favorite Flash. Would read, but it needs a good writer.

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