Opinions on Omnis

What are your guy’s opinions on collecting and reading omnibuseses? I’m personally thinking about buying the Lucifer Omnibus that just came out, but first, I want to hear what y;all think about them. Are they too big to read comfortably? Is it just nice to have a large collection of a series/storyline? What are your opinions? I want to hear it all.

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Before DC Universe, I read comics exclusively through the library. Omnibuses are a godsend. 600 pages? Place a hold on that bad boy. It’s annoying to go volume by volume. Crisis on Infinite Earths? One book & you’re done. Spider-Man clone saga? Done. It’s easier to read for libraries and book forms. It really sucks when you have 3 different flash volumes and the sixth one is checked out.

Edit: sorry this isn’t really an informed opinion. I just realized the only “omnibus” in name that i’ve read physically was the rebirth omnibus (still good tho) I have read many through online stuff especially hoopla. For Hoopla it’s great because you have a limited number of checkouts and you get all the content in one checkout.


@Adamantine True. I’m leaning towards getting it. It’s super expensive (especially if I’m buying it mainly for the story), but luckily my LCS is having a huge Thanksgiving sale, so I should be able to get it for relatively cheap.

@Adamantine Hoopla sounds awesome! but sadly, my local library isn’t connected to it, so I can’t access it. It’s kinda annoying.

but for the comfortably: when I was a teen i read a lot of collected editions of books like hans christian anderson and jules verne and sherlock holmes and I read those fine so I’m sure you’ll be good

Have you considered going on vacation to a place that has a library that offers it, getting a library card there, and using hoopla?


I haven’t, but I might next time I go on vacation lol.

The omnibus format mimics a scrapbook. No one looks at a scrapbook/yearbook/family photo book by holding it like a book. Usually, it sits on your lap and then you flip through the pages. That’s how I read omnibuses.

I really enjoy the omnibus format because I sometimes spend a lot of time wondering if I am missing anything or, if on a trip, I need to bring one book or two books. By picking up an omnibus, I don’t have to worry about either. The only downside is that it may take up more space and/or more weight than their respective trades.

If the Omni is the size of the Starman omnis… then I am all for them because they are a good size to read but also to display.

My issues with the “regular”omnis, they are too large to take with you, to large to hold easily to read, and at times the spine has creased under the weight of the book while holding to reading.

That is just me, I love collected editions but want them practice too.

I have a few omnibus editions but I find them a bit awkward to hold and read.