Online Article: 6 Reasons Why Warner Bros Cancelling DC Universe Would Be A Huge Mistake

Saw this article online and thought I’d post it here for people to read. Not posting this to start rumors, it’s just something i agree with.

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If we stop clicking their made up stories they’ll stop making up stories and people will stop panicking over made up stories


Whatculture isn’t exactly known for their fair and unbalanced reporting. This is clickbait on their part

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I’ve only got one reason: the comics would no longer be available.

On the one hand they were backing up DCU as something good, on the other… they are feeding the largely still not confirmed rumor DCU is hanging by a thread which is not even what “re-evaluating” necessarily even means everyone just jumped to the most sensationalist conclusion.

And reading it, this is garbage. I mean they could use this article to make people aware of the huge and deep comic book library, the library of classic shows, but they talk about a live action batman MIGHT happen as if that is even something ever promised by DCU at any point, oh and Justice League Dark was planned but that is moot since Swamp Thing is cancelled. Seriously, I get the connection people made to it meaning they might be in trouble, but why does everyone act like if Swamp Thing doesn’t come back DCU will never recover? Netflix has shows gets cancelled, hell Disney has shows get cancelled. I don’t mind people saying they are sorry it is cancelled and wanting it to continue or even starting a hashtag (doubt it will help honestly, but sure no harm in trying). But I am really over people acting like this is the first time a show was ever cancelled and it is impossible for them to ever recover from such a deadly blow if it isn’t brought back.

Also I wish people would quit acting like Disney+ is going to be DCU’s direct competition. Disney+ is Netflix competition, it is Warner’s streaming competition. To keep stacking it against DCU is like saying TubiTV is doomed to failure because look how Hulu runs circles around it. Or that OETA has no chance of ever surviving because HBO is destroying it. It is Disney+ not Marvel Comics+.

Ok end rant. This article while click bait was well meaning enough, and glad to see someone with a large audience not trashing DCU. But not sure this article did much, it acknowledge they have top quality shows that are not just Swamp Thing, and DC Comics legacy. But how did a comic book website list reasons DCU should stick around and not mention the comics library? Did they get someone with an actual subscription to write it?


All of these reasons are weird. When one of the reasons is a possible but EXTREMELY UNLIKELY and unrumored Batman Live Action TV Show it is horrible. The title screen being one of them also proved it is a bad article.