Once and for all - who wins? batman or superman?

For years, the discussion has been on the minds of comic readers. Let’s hear what true fans say.

Is this a serious question? The anwser to every question of who wins, "character A vs. character B? Is the same the anwser: whoever the writer wants to win.

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Batman he can fully equip kryptonite in his suit then punch him a few times then… K.O.


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Superman, any second of any minute of any hour of any day of any week of any month of any year and so on…

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Batman himself has stated that if Superman wanted to he could easily end him. Most of you probably know what comic I’m mentioning. My point is that Clark would never make a lethal move against Bruce who knows that, so he will get away with alot of stuff. In a fight with no morals, Batman lasts a mere second before he’s literal paste.

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Batman because writing.
Superman because literally everything else.

I dislike this question intensely, because:

A. There will never be a “once and for all” with these characters. Someone here has already pointed out that the demands of the story and the writer will always determine the outcome. Superman and the Flash racing is a similar situation.

B. If both Superman and Batman are acting in character, there will be no fight. Why must we always create one?

Batman would win. Everyone saying Superman could easily kill Batman…mmmm… doubtful. If Superman was in the mindset to kill with no remorse, Batman would figure that out and never put himself in the position to be offed so easily, and only confront Superman when he’s surely prepared. Like in the comic Injustice. Superman is out looking for Batman souly to kill him in year 3 or 4 and all Batman is doing is reaching out to all his connections and allies that owe him favors to hide himself from Superman and gain magical and technological advantages to fight Superman. So In the end Batman would win, simply because Superman is too reliant on his own abilities to win a fight and never takes into consideration how he could be defeated )except for Kryptonite obviously) in other words his brute strength and god like powers give him tunnel vision when in reality he can be defeated in several ways. (Magic, Entrapment, Psychological trickery/ Manipulation, Exile, or getting his ass beat by some force of equal strength like Wonder Woman or Doomsday or Doomsday-like Creature).

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This is a one on one fight both are intending to kill the other. SuperMan wins no doubt! Batman is just a man with toys. Few things hurt Superman and Criptonite had temporary effects as long as he gets away from it. Batman is smart but his bones break. SuperMan can walk away and recover in every situation. Batman can be crushed for good!

Batman is a master tactician, outsmart Clark on every level


Superman no question.

Superman with no prep from Batman.
Batman with prep for Superman. Simple

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You can’t outsmart someone with super speed and X-Ray vision. The amount of Bat fans that don’t—or refuse—to understand this is amazing.

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In the 12 rounds that I wrote a while back Superman only won the 1st round and winner by unanimous decision went to Batman.

Batman only wins when the writers ignore most of Superman’s skill set. Superman wins in less than a second, if writer are kept honest.


Superman! He doesn’t even need to be near him to do it.

If Bruce determines that he NEEDS to get rid of Superman at all cost and has time to prepare for it, I’d say Batman wins. After all, Doomsday has proven that the Supes is not unbeatable. But otherwise, Superman wins.

It’s no contest, Superman wins easily! He could blast Batman from a thousand feet up with his heat-vision.