Omnibuses and Figurines/Statues for Bookcases and Decor

Hello DC Community :woozy_face:,

I visited a couple of places asking about omnibuses. I’m looking to have my favorite digital comics I’ve been reading with DC Infinite and Marvel Unlimited into physical books for my bookcases.

After further research and conversations, omnibuses and other editions are available when a run is recently completed. Is the scarcity on purpose or the lack of interest Im extra artwork and more?

For example, there’s a Watchmen Deluxe and Absolute edition but I had to ask about the contents. I’d love to support my local CBS but it seems not all things are available even with a special order,

All in all, I’d like to fill up my bookcases and have them signed at a con.

What’s the best site and/or resource to fulfill my desire to fill my bookcases with my favorites. Did I miss the window with Action Comics Warworld run I read digitally but know hardcover would be great? Should I have bought multiple Powergirl collections? Is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow even available? Is House and Powers or X something that even is in omnibus?!

I’m starting to wonder if my request is too niche. I saw another post about organizing a collection but that’s it. Surely there’s more folks in this community who have done the same even on a small knit scale.

All in all I want to view my collection but take out a phat book to read straight through as well. I feel like this isn’t as complicated as an ask…unless I’m trying to buy locally.

Finally, to cut this short I’m also looking for high quality figures/statues. Basically, ones that don’t look like they melted during the mold… surprisingly the Macfarlane Poison Ivy one seems really great. It caught my attention when I was out touching grass and was shocked. However, everything else lined up by it made me nearly vomit and back to zero figurines. Perhaps I’m too picky but high quality omnibuses and figurines seem to be my requirement for decor.

TL;DR Where do you source your omnibuses, volumes, editions and figurines outside of the internet? If not, what are the highest quality recommendations?



As a third party source for books which may be slightly out of print, I find is an invaluable resource.


I also use in I’ve also had to use eBay to get some older omnibuses I missed out on.

My LCS does have some stuff here and there, but I would never rely on just them.


Awesome! I took a look at this and it is precisely what I’m looking for! Thank you!

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