Oliver's sacrifice in Elseworld's

What price do you guys think Oliver paid for balance?

In the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kara and Barry dies.

This ends up being one of those fixed unchangeable points in time.

Later, in Many Happy Returns we see Matrix try to alter history, and take Kara’s place, but is unable to. The Spectre explains that at this point in time all possible versions of all Universe’s will be destroyed. The only way it will not all end is if there is one where Kara rises and gives her life when everyone else falls.

We see a version of that fatalist view here in the book. Kara and Barry must die again.

Or… Must they?

Is the subtle solo scene with the Monitor in reality Oliver Queen’s most important moment throughout all seasons?

Is he able to change what in the comics could not be changed?

We will probably not see what Oliver sacrificed until next years crossover, but should it be his life and that this is the point where Stephen Amell puts his bow on the shelf to move on to new challenges I have to say:

“This was one hell of a way to go. Altering the ending of COIE is pretty much the best way I could ever see one of these shows ending. Oliver Queen does not need to look up to anyone.”

Amazing crossover


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I was getting the “self-sacrifice” vibe from him too. I hope I’m wrong, or that he gets one heck of a hero’s end.

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well said

would no doubt be an incredible send-off and arc resolution for the character

Oliver sacrificing himself would have a remarkable halo effect going forward, and on past seasons … a rare thing in serial storytelling

“My name is Oliver Queen … in order to protect my city and the ones I love … I must become someone else … something else …”

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I think you got it pretty much nailed. Psycho Pirate can do some damage too. There should definitely be some twists coming. What was with the Kara doppelgänger in Kaznia? Am I mistaken? Wasn’t there a Supergirl punching a tunnel under Kaznia after she flew away with the vodka? If so I didn’t see her in the crossover.

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I think Oliver traded his life for the lives of Barry and Kara. Olly already has a history of sacrificing himself for his friends like when he made the deal to go to prison so the charges against the rest of Team Arrow would be dropped.

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@djd good call, I forgot all about ‘Red Son’ Supergirl

Deegan mentioned he couldn’t affect Kara or Clark, maybe that extends to Kaznia Kara, too

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manifest yes, thank u. I thought I just imagined it for a while.

I wonder how they gonna do arrow next season

Maybe they killed Ollie and bring him back with a new title like “Arrow Rebirth”

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I really feel that next years #CrisisOnInfaniteEarths should be shown on the silver screen than on TV. I should be be part of #FathomEvents in theaters. With the shows we’ll have Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Supergirl The Flash Batwoman and Black Lightning and the use of classics like Smallville Birds Of Prey of the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman of DC Universe Titans and Stargirl it could be very difficult to have it as a six part hour long event on a network like the CW and for such a monumental event they could do their version of Marvel’s Infinity War and Endgame all rolled into one the way the show runners of each series would like to do it. I feel doing it in this manner it can be released on DVD and BluRay sometime in January after it’s December cinema release


Hopefully its a full crossover event that includes All CW and CW Seed DC Shows… ( Black Lightning, Bat Woman, Legends of Tomorrow, The Ray, Vixen, Constantine, Arrow, The Flash Supergirl). It be cool if a character from Gotham, Krypton, Titans and/or Doom Patrol showed up as well (wishful thinking) and characters from past DC shows like Smallville, Birds of Prey, Lois and Clark.

One can hope.

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I think Barry is going to die. But not Barry from Earth 1. I think the Earth 90/JWS Barry Allen is the one that will die, keeping his story in continuity and giving the Flash from the 90s an in universe ending.

Kara, obviously, isn’t going anywhere. But I think the other sacrifice is going to include Clark & Lois and their (as of now) unborn child.

And am I the only one that wants to see a “World’s Finest” team up with Kara & Kane?

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I think it’s possible that Oliver will die and the Arrow series ends. The tone of Batwoman and Arrow would be too similar. Also, Arrow has long passed its peak, and this would be an amazing way to conclude the series.

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I’m thinking Ollie won’t be dying. The crossover happens mid season. If it were at the end of the season, I’d say maybe. But there are still a lot of episodes after the crossover. So if he dies, he be reborn by the end. Or there is a stipulation, where his offer is voided.