Older Comics, but new to Comixology, missing from the DC Universe

I feel overly entitled even posting this when so many good comics have recently been made available to us, but I’ve spent much of today comparing what is available for purchase on the ComiXology app and what this service is currently offering. Forgive me if this has been addressed already, but a number of the most recently added older issues to ComiXology appear to be missing here. Namely:

Challengers of the Unknown (1958)- 82-85

Detective Comics (1937)- 200, 299-309, 428-430, 438, 461-462, 465-470, 477, 480-481, 484-489, 492-493, 496, 516

Teen Titans (1966)- 32-47, 49

Were these titles not added to the DC Universe because they were added to ComiXology less than a year ago and, if so, will we be seeing them added before the end of next year?


I think they’ll be here soon.

Most likely DC was busy digitizing them at the same time DCUniverse was busy adapting the files already up on Comixology.
So, they probably passed each other in the halls, so to speak.

I expect that once they get where they’re only releasing the one year later comics, they’ll work on those, too.

Alot of stuff that was missing here has been added recently so I expect that most if not all of these will be added next week since the volume of titles to add has been greatly reduced from thousands down to a dozen or so.

Apple jack did say in watchtower that around 150 older comics will be released next week


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Thank you, Bulcan. I am loving this app, and especially the opportunity to interact with the community, but I am still struggling to find “official” news. I look at the Watchtower section frequently, but I still miss things like the announcement you referenced.