Old Movie/TV Release Schedule

Hey sorry if this is a repeat, new to the forums here and still figuring it all out. I was wondering if anyone knew how often the old movies & tv shows are added to the service and how many per update on average? I’m curious about animated movies like Justice League:
-Crisis on Two Earths
-New Frontier
-Gods & Monsters

When searching news and online I can’t seem to find any schedule besides some of the comic releases & the original content. Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the community. Most of those have been here before. Dark is the only one that hasn’t been here yet. I’m sure they will return at some point.

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Items get rotated out and back in. There is usually a thread in the Watchtower section about a week-10days before the end of the month, of what rolling out and rolling in for the next month.


Thanks you guys I appreciate it!