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Raises her hand! Crushing on Gillian Anderson was my 1990s :relieved:


Wasn’t that technically everyones 90s? Did anyone ever even stop?? :joy:

Just gonna add this real quick. You’re welcome.


Real-world Facts.

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The truth is out there…


The red truth! :woman_red_haired:


You know when a sentence starts with “Okay”, we’re about to dig deep. Let’s do this thing!

Yes, I can agree with this.

Like an index, I’m following. Neat.

I got a tiny bit lost here. Let’s call “First Post” Index Post. The comments of this post would be only links to other characters, is that right? AKA, don’t post random conversation. I think I got it once I started typing it out.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to have all the individual topics in the main post, a la Stories For Hope? If it’s the edit window restriction, one could Wiki/Un-Wiki as needed to edit.

With that being said, I will confess that managing those topics over time become unwieldy given the length of links. I’m sure @Mae can attest to this from her BoP topic.

I have no super strong opinion either way, but as a user I lean towards having them all in the main post; seems easier for at-a-glance browsing.

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That’s very cool! I can see this approach being very friendly, and a great solution to our “OP Topic becomes unwieldy with too many characters”.

I hope you’ve appreciated all my unsolicited feedback on 1-6.
Now, we COULD link to this, and would! My noodling becomes: “Do we convert all What Green Lantern stories should I read?” into DMs, then direct them to the database the journo and the dinosaur hunter have created?

In the event someone requests a more nuanced take on GL stories “Where can I find all the Jessica Cruz GL stories?” “What GL stories do you recommend for Mogo appearances?” etc., would you want to see those redirected, as well?

I do see the joy in having this resource- my challenge is assigning the custodian of this work. I don’t want to assume you and Turok are volunteering, but if that WAS happening, I would be incredibly grateful.

I know it sounds bonkers that the moderation team couldn’t devote themselves to building this database. But even with matters like updating our Official Wallpaper topic, I’ve come to understand these sort of ongoing projects are hard to maintain amidst the popcorn fun we navigate. Not impossible, but it would go in the “would be nice” pile, if that makes sense.


@AlexanderKnox @Mae & O.H. Comrades :beers:



Hello Applejack :woman_red_haired:,
I can’t get over how cute the cat with glasses on the computer was you posted yesterday, I can hear him say,“Ok, let’s see what we got here…” LOL!:laughing:
Anyway my last question was a bit to serious, so here’s a fun question, What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie? Mine is Cast Away and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! Thanks for bringing to our attention- we have requested the fixed files. At this time they will need to repair it on the post-production end, so it will take some time. Have you submitted a ticket to our technical support team, as well? - They log these issues through a sophisticated ticketing system to measure the severity of the impact. And with S2 on the horizon, it’ll be good to have your “vote” :slight_smile:


1 more question, Is there a way to watch end credit without cutting off to the next episode on Xbox one? Thankyou.:slightly_smiling_face:


This issue has been resolved- I’m assuming you were experiencing this in the Android app? One of the other reasons we direct members to the Customer Support team is because they take in information about your experience in a clean, organized way (What device are you using, what is the experience, etc.) that allows the developers to better understand the issue.

I have to confess qualitative reports like this are very difficult to assess - furthermore, I do state in the original topic of Office Hours that this topic is not intended to be a source of technical support. We have a team with specific tools in place to address these issues.

The reason this Android patch was released mid-day Monday was because of the reports seen in Customer Support, which is a direct pipeline to the technical developers. The Community forums are a pipeline to qualitative feedback, like how content is organized and expressed on the service.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I hope this background in how issues are solved make the above font smaller.

  1. Length. We’re talking about a whole lot of material here. Way more than Stories for Hope.
  2. Ease of use. It’s easier to read shorter posts, especially if they’re lists of hyperlinks.
  3. Linking. A person can receive a link to the exact post of interest, not merely the thread.

Like many experiences in apps and games, there are flaws. When it comes to content files, we must request redeliveries of audio and video from the source. If they find the issues persist on their end, they have to go back into the edit files and repair it. Often, the priorities of these teams are already set, and they have to add matters like this to a to-do list. The technical reports are helpful, and we are tracking them.

I hope that the ratio of items that function as expected outweigh the times they do not. That ratio and its value is determined on a per-subscriber basis.


Any technical issues should always be directed to the technical support team.


Watchin’ X-Files with no lights on,
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I hope the Smoking Man’s in this one


I don’t have a recollection of this conversation, and my immediate thought is that we can access all of these articles by searching “Ask The Question”, or “Easter Eggs Stargirl”. That being said, the list you compiled is impressive, and I’m certain @HubCityQuestion would appreciate having it in his original topic!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I do hesitate to assign this work internally given that there is currently a function in place that would return these lists in our native search function, but I am always encouraging of any member that wants to follow their passions for the accolades of Element Woman!


it looks like there was a glitch in this topic when trying to address the repeated posts made above. I have DM’d you separately to speak directly on the subject.


100% agreed! Thank you for your work in compiling my eDCUcational efforts. (patent pending)


No, it is a specific moderation function used for separate purposes.

This purpose of Office Hours is outlined in the original topic. If you would like to contact the moderation team, you may do so by using the “Message” function.


Hello Applejack,
Can you please tell @HubCityQuestion when playing a game to give each person a point if they answer the question correctly, I’m just not a fast typer.:slightly_smiling_face: