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The worth of your words is a matter of opinion. Not sure if everyone is aware, but I’m in the habit of regularly screenshotting the comments across our forums and sharing with our team in regular reports to express the wants and desires of our fans, on both sides of the fence.

It’s always a relief to know.

There is not anything fundamentally problematic with people having different desires for how they spend their time and money. How they express those opinions can be pokier than we would like, but I try to remember that the more upset comments are a demonstration of someone who cares. And caring about something, and taking the small action to express it, is an important act that shouldn’t be suppressed. And casual fans don’t always have the information and context that you’re referring to, or concern for the principles that support a decision. And that’s okay. I’ve put my foot in my mouth dozens of times talking about something I didn’t actually know the whole picture for.

The best we can do is listen and thoughtfully respond with curiosity and an open heart. And when that fuel tank runs out, close the topic and create a new one in another area of the forums that remove the expectations of response :laughing:

I guess I just want to soothe your weary soul. And if you feel a lil’ diff’nt from how other people are expressing themselves, that’s probably a good thing. Maybe the best thing.

I think that you’re asking that question shows me that you’re an independent thinker that will carry that spirit with you, even if it’s into the whirlpool. I suspect your critical thinking and self-check system are innate parts of your “spiritual” (for lack of a better word) DNA. You should trust yourself. I definitely understand “worrying about the worry”, … “stressing about the stress”… but you’re a remarkable person and shouldn’t doubt or concern yourself over that changing. You won’t be able to help being who you are, no matter how hard you try. Might as well celebrate it :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome Captain! :superman_hv_4:

Just wait until the next part… :eyes: :smile:


Wow!! Oh my gosh :see_no_evil: Yes, I remember sneaking into my brother’s bedroom and reading Spawn #5. Probably changed my for the rest of my life and I have no ragrats. The first comic I bought X-Men #24 from 1993 because I was mesmerized by the cover of Rogue and Gambit kissing. X-Men (more precisely, those foil trading cards and the arcade cabinet) were my proper entrypoints into comics.

What about you? Was it a Superman comic, or something else? When did you first discover Superman?


On it!! Look what I found, btw @KM_726! :smile:


:rofl: That’s amazing!!!


OH HEY!!! @Alec.Holland just started his first shift!! :smiling_imp:


You can initiate- erm, welcome him here!


I was one of the guilty parties :grimacing:


Ah, I used to own that comic. Then it went away with the rest of the long box it called home.


49 post to go!!! :face_with_monocle:


Okay, “DC Universe Infinite Crisis Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Dot Com” got a huge laugh out of me :rofl:

That’s still TBD, but a good question I will keep top of mind. What I can tell you is that we should know more about what January looks like for the community transition in early December. So if there’s a “toggling”, or maybe even a challenge with linking out to existing comics (will all URLs become those mysteries will be revealed in due time.


I love its!!!




Thanks for answering my question, @Applejack.

It’s strange because I’m not sure I remember the exact issue. I grew up with the Christopher Reeve films on cable, the Super Powers Galactic Guardians cartoon (along with the Ruby Spears Superman animated series) as a basis for my knowledge of Superman.

The first comic I can remember might’ve been when I was four or five. My aunt lived with us for a time and she was a HUGE comic book collector. She had the Superman: From the 30’s to the 70’s hardcover in her room and she’d often let me see the pictures.

As time went on I’d get a comic book here and there from the corner bodega. I still have my copy of Superman # 34 with Skyhook. It scared me as a kid but was fun to read. Sure it’s beaten up and falling apart, but it’s my childhood copy.


Fun fact. Clicking on the url directs me to an ebay ad. :smile:

But before that… It says it does not exist… The Anti-Monitor must already be at work! :scream: :superman_hv_4:


I’ve just spent the last three months hosting a read-along of Countdown to Final Crisis, so that song is giving me traumatic flashbacks. :stuck_out_tongue:




Merci, Merci, Merci . . .

Pour Vous;

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Am I crazy or is somebody adjusting the DC Universe app for Android the past day or so?


I have noticed this too today, when using the community on desktop.


As of right now, it looks like B:TAS and The Batman are staying till the end :slight_smile: That is subject to change, and you will know at least two weeks in advance of December if not sooner as I receive firmer details on potential changes- at this time I feel confident saying it will stay, but you know, 2020 disclaimer.

You can expect this, but the dev team has been pulling together a roadmap crazy style for a change of plans in less than 6 months. There’s also a focus on making sure surgically removing the video doesn’t cause significant issues, in addition to auditing the impact of its removal.

This is my way of saying that yes, we are looking forward to devoting our development resources to solely comics, but the “when” part is tricky. I’m angling to get a dedicated “What do you want from an improved comics reader?” suggestion box topic up in conjunction with retiring the video topics next week, so keep noodling on what you want to see improved.

I can see from this particular question that you haven’t been following the private tagging project conversation you’re in with @msgtv and @D4RK5TARZ and I- you’re missing out on an important incubation period of creating this very solution!

I think something like this is definitely feasible. Our crown jewel will be the searchability and list-building.