October's Community Member of the Month: Lincolnfan78!

October begins tomorrow, so it’s time to introduce our newest Community Member of the Month! Let’s get to know @Lincolnfan78!

What originally got you into DC Comics?

The first time I was ever aware of Super Heroes was when I was little in 1980. I would watch The Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno on TV, and anytime Banner turned into the Hulk, it would scare me. Been a fan of the show ever since, along with 1982’s The Incredible Hulk cartoon and Spider-Man. As for DC Comics side, I remember watching the 1980 Shazam cartoon on VHS, and I thought it was cool seeing how Billy Batson says a magic word and turns into Captain Marvel–that was a first time I was aware of heroes with cape. Then later, one night at my aunt and uncle’s house, I watched Superman (the movie) for the first time and just loved the movie. I can still remember the mugging scene with Lois & Clark, and the interview scene with Superman & Lois. Then later, throughout the early 80s I would watch the Super Friends, the Wonder Woman TV Series, and of course 1966 Batman, which at the time was a rare special treat to see.

In 1989, Batman was the first super hero film I ever saw on the big screen! So I was pretty much a DC fan ever since. Later, in the early 90s, my late friend had tons of comic books collections of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men…one day, his parent took us to a Comic Con, and they let me get a comic book and I picked The Batman Adventures #1, and have just loved the comic ever since, and started collecting comics.

Who is your favorite DC character, and why?

This will be an interesting way to start. I would have to say The Penguin, being a huge fan of Burgess Meredith from Batman TV show, I thought the Penguin was a great and interesting character, from the way he walk, to how he was dressed. I can even imitate his Waugh Waugh sound! I’m also a fan of Superman, Batman, and Stargirl, I really like those heroes the most and any series they’re in from comics and video games, to movies or TV shows.

What books are you currently reading?

Recently, I’ve just finish reading The Three Jokers for the first time. I’m a huge fan of Geoff Johns, and he does a great job writing the story. For a while I did read No Man’s Land, so I. probably should try to go back and finish reading that. Today, I started reading Wonder Woman '77 comic series for the first time! Beside that, I’m always looking forward to new releases every Tuesday. Also love to read old comics like Action Comics, Detective Comics as well.

Are you watching any DC movies or shows?

Once in a while in the morning I drink my coffee and watch Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, The Batman (2004), Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond or the Justice League Animated Series. The new series, My Adventures With Superman is really good, and it’s interesting to watch! I’m a fan of Jack Quaid who voice the Man Of Steel! He also worked on Star Trek: Lower Deck as well. As for movies, I would once in a while watch Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight & Superman The Movie and its 2 sequels. Recently, I did watch Wonder Woman '84 and Animated movie of Justice Society: World War 2, & Batman Vs. Two-Face. Also any series or movies on Max, I’m mostly am watching them.

What are you most looking forward to within the DC universe?

I can’t wait for the new Aquaman movie, it looks really good! Still haven’t seen The Blue Beetle, so that still is on my watch list when it comes on Max, also I can’t wait to see the return of Superman '78 & Batman '89 comics, and as always the Tuesday weekly releases of new comics on DC Universe Infinite.

What 6-12 books would you recommend to the general DC Community?

  • The Batman Adventures (1992-1995): This was the comic that started all for me to enjoy reading comics! The series would continue on to Batman & Robin Adventures & Batman: Gotham Adventures, be sure to check them out as well.

  • Superman Adventures (1996-2002): Based on my favorite animated series of Superman, it has so many great stories.

  • Justice Society Of America (1992-1993): Before working on the Batman Adventures, Mike Parobeck does amazing job on this series of JSA which lasted for 10 issues.

  • Penguin Triumphant (1992): This was a one shot Penguin story, It’s really good, wish it was made into a series.

  • Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E (1999-2000): Being a fan of Stargirl, this series was a great origin story of how she first became a Star Spangle Kid!

  • DC ElseWorlds: Whether it’s Batman in The Phantom Of The Opera, Superman in Civil War or Wonder Woman in the wild west, this comic series has so many what if stories!

  • Batman: The Long Halloween (1996-1997): Since this is a Halloween month, this 12 part series has a good mystery, who’s the Holiday Killer & Who’s the next target?

  • Bat Lash (2007-2008): This western comic tells the origin story of Bat Lash, and the art work for the comic is just beautiful.

  • Scooby-Doo Team-up (2013-2019): Scooby-Doo meets all kind of DC heroes, villains and other Hanna-Barbera characters. It’s really a fun comic to read.

  • Batman’66 (2013-2015): Based on the hit TV series of 1966 Batman, beside this series be sure to check out alot of his team up comic like Green Hornet, Wonder Woman & Leigions Of Super-Heroes on DC Universe Infinite.

  • Aquaman (2011-2016): I admit I’m not a fan of any 52 series til I read Aquaman, at first I thought I was reading Rebirth comic of Aquaman til I realize it was 52, I really became a fan of this comic series, it reminded me of the first Aquaman movie!

  • Justice League/Power Rangers (2017): I really enjoy this Crossover between the Justice League and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Congrats to October’s Community Member of the Month: @Lincolnfan78! :clap:


Congratulations Mister President! Whoops, I mean fan of the former Mister President


Congratulations @Lincolnfan78! Well deserved!


Congrats, @Lincolnfan78! Superman Adventures is a great pick!


Congratulations President @Lincolnfan78!
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I’ve been waiting for this! Congrats @Lincolnfan78! You’re always so great to talk to, and you’re one of the nicest people I know! Thanks for being such a great friend!


Thankyou @Detective7, @NYJt3, @Jurisdiction, I really appreciate all your kind words, I wanted to share you all a video on how I’m feeling!:grin: :batparrot:


In my completely unbiased opinion. Yes, you should absolutely go do that. I hear it’s pretty good from completely sane and very credible sources who are assuredly not me.

Congratulations @Lincolnfan78 ! You are a great part of this community and a joy to interact with! I was actually surprised to see you were this month’s community member because I assumed someone who frequents so many threads and is as nice as you had already gotten it. Here’s to the day your status says four score and seven!


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Congratulations to my buddy, pal, fellow Back to the Future connoisseur and a tip-top dude who’s currently a tip-top mash-up of two great former Presidents, @Lincolnfan78! :partying_face:

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SN: Great comic picks too, especially Superman Adventures, as it offers more than a few masterpieces in its ranks.

SN II: Folks, this guy really does do a great Burgess Meredith “Waugh-waugh-waugh!” and then some. I’ve had the honor of hearing it and it is good.


Congrats @Lincolnfan78!!!


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Congrats @Lincolnfan78 A well-deserved honor. You’re a valuable member of this community. Keep doing what you’re doing

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Congratulations @Lincolnfan78!

That Justice League/Power Rangers comic is fantastic! Made me want to go back and watch the show!