Obscurity of DC Presents: Ultra-bscure Book Club, Week 58 (January 28-February 3) --- MOBFIRE!

Welcome, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to Week 58 of Obscurity of DC’s Ultr-Obscure Book Club! This week, we’ll focusing on…


Number of Issues: 6

Synopsis from dcuniverseinfinite.com: The Godfather meets Black Magic in the streets of London - a side of London no tourist ever sees. Jack Kellor is the reluctant new head of London’s most powerful mob family, a world where psychic espionage, demonic possession, zombie attacks and arcane rituals are all part of a new style of mob warfare.

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Throughout the series, we see the complexity of Jack Kellor’s character and background. Based on what we learn from the series, do you think Jack Kellor is a good person? If not, do you think he can redeem himself? Explain.
  2. Throughout the series, it seems as though the only two people Jack cares about are Floyd and Ella. How do you think Jack’s love for his best friend and his lover bring out the hatred Jack feels toward his family?
  3. Ella once asked Jack what made her actions different from those of his family. While Jack seemed to think he was making sense, Ella still didn’t seem to understand. Do you see the difference between Ella’s crimes and the crimes of the Kellor mob, and if so, what is it? Does it make sense to you? Explain.
  4. Bocor is the clear antagonist in the story, ruthlessly murdering innocent people in cold blood. However, almost every other character in the series has killed innocents. With that being said, what makes Bocor so much worse than the rest of the family? How do his action differ from those of the other mob members?
  5. In the end, we see Jack and Ella planning to take control over the recently-fractured criminal underground. Did you like this ending? Why or why not?

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