Obscurity of DC Presents: Ultra-bscure Book Club, Week 35 (August 13-August 19) --- DEATHBED!

Welcome, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to Obscurity of DC’s thirty-fifth Ultr-Obscure Book Club! This week, we’ll be focusing on…


Number of Issues: 6

Description from dc.com: Myth, hack, sex symbol, stark raving lunatic—all of these words have been used to describe Antonio Luna, the world’s greatest living adventurer. Or at least he was until 20 years ago, when he mysteriously vanished from the public eye. Now the ninety-year-old has returned and claims to be on his deathbed. Which is where Valentine Richards, a failed novelist turned reporter, comes in. Val is hired to travel to Luna’s remote castle home and uncover where the old star has been all these years, and just how much of what he says is actually true. But once Val starts to hear Luna’s tale, she finds herself entering into an insane world of psychedelic violence and explosive supernatural adventure.

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. In the Deathbed series, the protagonist’s larger-than-life tales often blur the lines between reality and imagination. Which of these stories within the story resonates with you the most, and do you think these fantastical elements enhance or distract from the core narrative? Explain.
  2. The art style in Deathbed ranges from gritty and surreal to vibrant and fantastical. Which artistic approach do you believe better complements the series’ overall tone and themes? Does the visual variety enhance your reading experience, or do you find it slightly disorienting? Explain.
  3. Deathbed’s narrative often blurs the line between reality and fiction, leaving readers to ponder the nature of truth. As a fan, do you enjoy the ambiguity, or do you find yourself craving a more concrete resolution to the mysteries presented in the story? How does this narrative choice impact your engagement with the series? Explain.
  4. Deathbed’s storytelling style and themes evoke a sense of the unconventional, reminiscent of classic Vertigo titles. In what ways do you see Deathbed both paying homage to and carving its own unique path within the legacy of Vertigo comics? Do you think Deathbed would fit seamlessly into the Vertigo lineup, or does it bring something entirely fresh to the table? Explain.
  5. The Deathbed series weaves together elements of adventure, humor, and mystery. Which of these elements do you think is the most effectively utilized in the series, and why? Does the blend of genres enhance your enjoyment, or do you feel that one aspect overshadows the others at times? Explain.

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I actually found this at a LCS on deep discount a few years back and read it. I remember thinking it was very weird!


Oh it’s definitely weird lol. Kinda psychedelic! I like it though