Obscurity of DC Presents: Obscure Book Club, Week 81 (October 22-October 28) --- A Tribute to Keith Giffen, THRESHOLD (PART 2)!

Why hello there, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to Week 81 of Obscurity of DC’s Obscure Book Club! For those of you who haven’t already heard the bad news, legendary comic writer and artist Keith Giffen has passed away just a few days ago. As a tribute to Keith Giffen, one of the greatest writers of our time, I’ve dedicated the last two weeks to be a focus on one of his more obscure series…



Description from dc.com: Jediah Caul, a disgraced Green Lantern stripped of his power ring, is hunted for sport on a televised reality show! Forced to battle aliens from across the galaxy, Caul must assemble his own group of rebels to storm the metaphorical castle of their abductors before the game ends and they lose.

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. There are so many betrayals and atrocities committed in this series. Who do you think was the biggest/baddest villain/antagonist of the story towards the main group? Why?
  2. Considering the roster of characters in this series is made almost entirely of obscure characters, what are your thoughts on the addition of Brainiac? Did you like that plot twist? Would you have preferred to see another lesser-known/original character, or did you enjoy seeing another familiar face? Explain.
  3. The planet of which all of Threshold takes place is called “Tolerance.” What do you think is the reasoning behind that name? Does it signify something? Explain.
  4. What do you think of Jediah Caul’s death in the final issue? Was it expected? Did you find it to be necessary? What are your opinions on it? Explain.
  5. Who was your favorite member of the group? Explain.

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