Obscurity of DC Presents: Obscure Book Club, Week 30 (September 18 - September 24) --- DOOMED!

Why hello there, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to Week 30 of Obscurity of DC’s Obscure Book Club! This week, we’ll be focusing on…

DOOMED with a little surprise for @awk1964.87979 and the rest of the @ObscurityofDCClub!!!

Number of Issues: 6

Description from dc.com: In this startling new series, a Metropolis U student gains the power to transform into the monstrously powerful Doomsday! The power may be the key to fixing his life, but every time he transforms he risks getting stuck forever as Superman’s most heinous adversary! How far can he go before he’s doomed?

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Why do you think the guys at S.T.A.R. Labs made two interns clean a radiation room by themselves without supervision, when the radiation could turn someone into Doomed?
  2. Miles Chandler III obviously had a bounty on Doomed. How do you think he knew someone would become Doomed, when Reiser just turned for the first time?
  3. Please answer before reading issue 4. How do you think the Roman being the Alpha Centurion will affect Reiser being Doomed, and vice versa?
  4. Most people consider Miles Chandler III to be an antagonist in this series. After his fight with Doomed, do you think Miles Chandler III is really a villain, or is he just trying to make a living? Or both? Explain.
  5. As you know, Doomed is considered to be another version of Doomsday. Who do you prefer: Doomed or Doomsday? Why?

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I don’t care what anyone says, Doomed was fun and is a DC You treat.

Sure, the writing may not have been great, and the art likely won’t hang in the Smithsonian, but who cares? Comics are fun, and Doomed was indeed a fun read.

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