Obscurity of DC Presents: Month of Obscurity, Month 6 (September) --- HITMAN!

Heya @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! The month of September will be the first of a 3-part Month of Obscurity. Welcome to the sixth - in the best MLG, gamer voice I can muster - MONTH OF OBSCURITY! For the month of September, we will be focusing on…

Age Suggestion: 17+

Number of Issues: 20 (Please only read issues 1-20)

Description taken from dc.fandom.com: Tommy Monaghan is a Gotham City hitman with superpowers. During the Bloodlines event he was bitten by a parasite that unlocked his metahuman abilities, giving him telepathy and x-ray vision. Despite his high body count, he has a deep personal code of honor. Hitman was created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, first appearing in The Demon (Volume 3) Annual #2. (1993)

With that out of the way, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Tommy’s job is obviously being a hitman. Why do you think he only kills criminals, when he could make the same amount of money killing good guys too?
  2. Why do you think one of the main characters of the series, Natt the Hat, only made an appearance in the fourth issue?
  3. Did you like Tommy’s relationship with Deborah Tiegel or Tommy’s relationship with Wendy more? Why?

  4. Why do you think Tommy changed his mind about shooting cops?

  5. Why do you think the government was so invested in getting Tommy out of the picture?

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