Obscurity of DC Presents: Month of Obscurity, Month 20 (November) --- KAMANDI!

Heya @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to the twentieth MONTH OF OBSCURITY! For the month of November, we will be starting a 2-month focus on…

Age Suggestion: 12+

Number of Issues: 20 (Please only read issues 1-20)

Description taken from dc.fandom.com: Kamandi is the last boy on Earth. In the future, the Great Disaster destroys society as we know it, changing the status quo and leaving mutated animals as the dominant species and mankind as mindless animals. It is into this world that Kamandi emerges from a bunker and begins his struggle to survive.

With that out of the way, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Why do you think Jack Kirby decided to use New York as the location of this series? What significance does New York City have to the story, and to the world?
  2. How do you think Kamandi and his grandfather could’ve been so clueless as to what happened to the world?
  3. Why do you think Kamandi is able to function how humans used to be able in the story?
  4. The series explores themes of survival, evolution, and the resilience of humanity. How do these themes resonate with you, and do you think they are well-executed in the comic?
  5. Jack Kirby, the legendary comic creator, created Kamandi. How do you think his artistic style and storytelling techniques contribute to the overall experience of reading Kamandi?

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This is one of my favorite comics of all time.


Awesome! I’m so glad you like it!!


I love Jack Kirby’s comics mostly because of how bonkers they are, and Kamandi is no exception. There’s a recreation of the classic story of King Kong, there’s a biker gang of lions, and in just the first issue there’s a talking dog named Doctor Canus.

It’s the consistent insanity of Kirby comics that makes a page like this stand out:

Despite how much I love other works by Kirby like Super Powers or Fourth World, Kamandi is his only work I’d consider thematically rich. Finishing the first issue, and seeing the page above, I knew I was in for a special comic.


When Fen and Stek called Kamandi an animal, I got so confused, but then I remembered the comic I was reading :rofl:! Very intriguing concept, executed to perfection!

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