Obscurity of DC Presents: A Tribute to José Delbo!

Why hello there, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to a special read-a-long from Obscurity of DC! For those of you who haven’t already heard the bad news, legendary comic artist José Delbo has passed away just a few days ago. As a tribute to José Delbo, one of the greatest artists of our time, OODC will have an addition focus on some of his more obscure characters in…


Number of Issues: 7

Description from comicvine.gamespot.com: Jose studied under the premier cartoonist in Argentina Carlos Clemen. He studied at the Pan American Art School in his native country. Soon afterwards he was drawing superheroes in the nation’s magazines. Jose’s work spread to comic strips in Brazil and sports related comics in Chile. Jose left his native country and headed for America. He first worked for Charlton Comics with Billy the Kid. Afterwards, he left for Dell Comics and drew the Monkees, the Rat Patrol and various other comics. His next stint was with Gold Key Comics where he drew his first American super-hero comic Doctor Solar. He also drew for The Twilight Zone, The Lone Ranger and Turok, Son of Stone. While at DC Comics, Jose worked on the The Witching Hour. Later, he was assigned his first DC super hero Wonder Woman.

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Sometimes in comics, art tends to look similar between artists. What sets José Delbo’s art apart from other artists at DC?
  2. José Delbo once said “My [José’s] art is a journey of passion. As a young child my world was a pencil and paper. Drawing was the only thing that interested me and to date this passion to draw continues.” How does his art display his passion and love? How does his art make you feel? Explain.
  3. José Delbo once noted that American comics are much more action-packed than the South American comics he began his career drawing. How did Delbo portray action within the comics?
  4. José Delbo was mainly a penciller. Why do you think he refrained from other artistic positions? Are there any other positions you would’ve wanted him to try? Explain.
  5. Of the four characters we focus on (Wade Dazzle, Hesione, Red Panzer, and Deborah Domaine), which is your favorite? Why?

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