NYCC 2019: What's Coming for DC Universe

Once more, if you only care about the streaming fictional shows, then that’s on you. There’s plenty of other content for the rest of us in the meantime.


Earnest question… have you never watched and of the old shows, or read any of the comics? I am done debating this. But really earnestly asking.

Also… wheres the sweepstake stuff? Used to be under news?

I’ve seen and read plenty of them, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve seen every last one, and no one around here has read every last DC comic digitized on this site. Besides, that’s where the community events come in, regardless of whether or not you’ve viewed the media before.

  • You can talk about the early issues of Infinity Inc. with the JSA Book Club!

  • You can view the 2nd episode of Wonder Woman live with fellow fans next Sunday!

  • You can try your hand at drawing Robin with the DC Fan Art Club!

Those are just a few samples of the regular activities going on here.

It’s still there:


I’d like to field this one, if I may?

In terms of the old shows, I watch them a lot. There are live action shows like Lois and Clark or the 90’s Flash where, because they’re complete, I can run through the entire series. The Adventures of Superboy is a show that, for a while, you didn’t have access to unless you wanted to pay for bootlegs at conventions. I missed out when they came to DVD, but here I can watch the whole show in it’s entirety. And it looks amazing.

If we’re talking animated series, the selection here is wonderful. Yes we’ll go to Batman:The Animated Series (which is in HD, I should add) but then there’s things like Legion of Superheroes or some of the old filmation stuff. It’s interesting to see where superhero cartoons started from and where they are now.

Similarly with the comics, I’m reading a lot of older stuff because it’s easier to get access to. Some really old stuff like the golden or silver age can be read via-reprints in collections, but that’s expensive. With things like the 80’s espionage titles which hadn’t been collected in trade paperback, I can read them here. Over the last year we’ve gotten a wealth of comics digitized. I’m going through comics both old and new.


Yeah. How cool is it that we got Nathaniel Dusk on here? We get to enjoy trying out stories that we either missed the first time around or no longer have sitting in our longboxes without having to drop the money to buy it on ComiXology. (A month’s subscription here is cheaper than buying the aforementioned Nathaniel Dusk 4-issue miniseries, for instance.)

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I just saw Superman: Red Son and I would like to know why it wasn’t on DC Universe ??? I thought we get it first before anybody else ?


I think it’s like netflix, they rotate stuff.

As per the announcement in October in the Watchtower forums, we will now be getting the animated movies 90 days after the blu-ray release.


If we are being honest, I think ‘fan engagement’ implies them literally asking us what we want. Not saying they are wrong, but I understand @robbywoo1.69881’s point of view.

Glad you confirmed some things for me. Rumors of Stargirl on CW were freaking me out.

I agree, companies have the right to say those answers.

I personally wish that DCU would get absorbed into something bigger. If I am being entirely honset, I secretly wish Disney would take over DC. I think that they would have the brains to keep comics as they are, and they would seek to improve DC on screen.

TV is doing fine, but we literally just got another Batman reboot. I am fine with no continuity, but at least branch out. Give us Sgt. Rock, Ambush Bug, Kamandi, Red Hood, etc. I feel like Bat and Super are being capitalized on too much.

(Fine, they are trying. But BOP and Joker aren’t that far from Joker, and JL is mainstream enough to not count.)

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It doesn’t always work like that. There was never anything official, anyway.
@DickGrayson123, you are kind of right. Watchmen was on here a few months ago, as well as some DCAU stuff. Now they are gone.


The specs of the iPhone 11 weren’t released before the iPhone 11 actually came out? Didn’t Microsoft just release the specs of Xbox series X as well as features? We don’t know what marvel films are coming out for the next couple of years? There is a history of some transparency between companies and their fans.

As far as the look being fine…let’s look at how well DC is looking these days. Dan Didio fires or quit. BOP not making what it’s projections ( and it’s a shame because it was truly entertaining), Rumors DC is getting sold or shut down if 5G doesn’t pan out, not to mention the rumors about the app. Yeah, the look is “good” here alright. Oh and btw it’s been established and confirmed that Stargirl will be on the CW. It’s even being called CW’s Stargirl in the media. It’s gonna be on here, but it is now a cw show.

DC had a presence at SDCC, but there was no hall H panels for films, no announcements nothing, just a dc comics booth on the floor.

Personally I hope DC bounces back, I’m loving DCeased, the shows on CW have been cool, Titans was flawed but good (inconsistent writing), Doom Patrol wasn’t great, so was Swamp Thing (RIP, short lived) Harley Quinn was also good.

The app is still going and will be going for a while. Dc being shut down if 5G doesn’t go as planned? I don’t buy it.

Rumors from unverified sources should be treated as that…rumors.

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BOP is nearing $190 million at the box office, for 15 million less than Shazam and an R rating. That’s pretty good considering on average R rated movies make half of what a PG-13 avg makes.

Who’s projections were these? It do as well as some folks thought it would opening weekend but still pulled in over 4 mill in domestic box office this past weekend.

DiDio May have been let go because of 5G for all we know and there has been speculation that 5G may not get totally riled out. DC is not on the block, Jim Lee said as much at C2E2 in Chicago last weekend.

So Stargirl might get picked up by CW as a regular show at some point. They could still do what is likely, that the shoot it as a DCU and then edit it down extra to fit the CW time requirements. Or it just gets picked up as a CW show and maybe we get it for free the day before without commercials. It proves that DCU is doing its job as the incubator/development lab for at least some DC media.

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I’m not wrong about Stargirl, it will be on the CW. Her debut was during Crisis, her trailer debuted on the ce first as well. It will show on this app but it’s a CW show now. It’s going to be very much in line with the other shows on the CW. Don’t take my word for it though, go on YouTube and search Stargirl trailer. You will see the big CW in the corner and that it’s published by CW as well

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I’m sure when CW picked it up, part of the deal was that CW got to market it to the public as a CW show. Which to the general public it is. Why does this surprise you?


Should also be noted Titans had a big Netflix logo on it’s season 1 trailer from it airing on Netflix outside the US. Is it a Netflix show now?


Stargirl will be on DC Universe first and then air on the CW the next day. It’s a co-production.

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DC Universe doesn’t exist outside of the USA so that isn’t even in the ballpark of a fair comparison. Outside of the USA you can only watch those shows on Netflix. Here in the USA however where DC Universe exists you are suppose to subscribe to DC Universe to get the shows. Now you don’t have to. Stargirl will be on CW

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Hi, sorry to interrupt, but I think I lost the thread: what are we debating?

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