NYCC 2019: What's Coming for DC Universe

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:rotating_light:UPDATE: APRIL 5th, 2020:rotating_light:

The below information will have delays and changes in expectations with regards to interrupted production schedules due to the current global situation.

We will announce more details as they arise in the Watchtower section. For now, please continue to let us know what you’re excited for in the comments below!

DCU Members!

Our WarnerMedia partners made some exciting news today, and we’re psyched! We also want to assure you that DC Universe is still going strong with an exciting year of super-fan service coming through this year and next. From our original programming, library of beloved series, ever-expanding comic library, real world events, and our just launched all-new Community, we’re just getting started.

As a quick reminder of the latest news we announced at New York Comic Con, you can look forward to:

  • DCYOU: Unscripted – our invitation to fans to develop a show that might premiere on DC Universe next year

  • Bizarro TV – our animated anthology

and – of course – the can’t-come-soon-enough premiere of…

  • Harley Quinn Animated, along with

  • Doom Patrol Season 2!

… as well as other exciting stuff we just can’t talk about yet.

We’ll continue to be here for our fans, and use our amazing Community to share upcoming exciting news … so stay tuned!


Green Lantern is in Development that’s all they’ve announced… Produced by Greg Berlanti.


Live from the HBO Max Investor’s day conference, every DC film in the last 10 years will be available within the first year of launch (in May 2020). Every Superman and Batman film will also be there. Joker will be there AT LAUNCH.

What does this mean for DCU? Hopefully more recent films will join alongside a steadier library with regards to live action Batman.


The series DC Superhero High is in production for HBO Max

“Imagine all your favorite superheros in high school”


So with the announcement of Green Lantern and Strange Adventures where does that leave DCEU with original, live action content? Is DC Universe eventually going to fold into the Warner streaming service somehow? I know DC Universe isn’t going anywhere, so I don’t want to fan the flames with toxic fandom, but I’m just curious how this is going to work going forward. Fingers crossed for Titans season 3 on here though! Season 2 has been AMAZING. Ohh! And Stargirl! What’s the dilly? Please don’t overload CW and put this on there. Their shows are just okay, at best now. Stargirl looks like it deserves a higher quality service to stream it.




I think I’m cancelling my subscription here in December when my year is up. The original content is drying up. Seems like all the new dcu will be on hbo max and hbo.max will have doom patrol and titans.

I dont see the value of the service considering I do not read the comics.


Green Lantern and Strange Adventures shows are coming to HBO MAX. What does this mean for DC Universe? Will these shows be available on the service?


Weird the announcement has soon to premiere listing “Harley Quinn” and “Doom Patrol Season 2” but not “Stargirl” even though it should be out before Doom Patrol. There’s been a lot of speculation about what’s going on with that show so hopefully it was just an oversight from the poster forgetting to put it there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m out of the loop. What is Strange Adventures going to be? Adam Strange or some type of anthology?


Yay! I can’t wait! Hopefully we’ll get a trailer for Star Girl soon!

Anthology series

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Holy Cow. I was hoping for a movie, but instead got a TV series. I truly hope it does well.



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Will the HBO originals be available on DC Universe because they will both get Doom Patrol or do we have to pay for both subscriptions if we want all the new DC content? :batman_hv_4:


I’m still not clear how people with existing HBO subscriptions will work. I read a while back that anyone with a current HBO subscription will be able to access HBO Max. I wonder if that’s still the idea.


Greg Berlanti doing Green Lantern… oh dear…


I hadn’t heard that. I think Max is something separate. Their own Netflix basically.

Aparently it is true, if you have HBO via AT&T (which I do):

The 10 million HBO subscribers that pay for it through their AT&T TV or wireless bill, or pay WarnerMedia directly for HBO Now, will get access to HBO Max at no extra charge when it launches in April


Ah, but I don’t have it through AT&T.