Not feeling that ladt episode of Doom Patrol

I thought it was one of thy worst episodes .


Assuming you’re talking about the development of the characters and the narrative of the episode and not a differing political ideology, I would agree with you—kind of. (If you are referring to a differing political ideology, I would refer you to a thread on the watchtower created by Applejack about how DC embraces diversity).

I thought the episode was not quite up to the same standards as some of the other ones. I really did like the development of Negative Man and Cyborg’s relationship. I thought that the relationship between Robotman and Crazy Jane came to a climax last episode, and the tension felt like unresolved by the end of Danny Patrol. We didn’t really learn anything new about Rita either. I actually thought he episode was pretty good in the end, but compared to last episode it felt dry in terms of character development.


Watch out, you might offend someone.

Same Danny Street was dissapointing, and so was this Jane. I was confused as heck.

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I disagree. The episode was fantastic and absolute bonkers. What’s important to know as we hit the middle stretch is development tends to slow so having any great episode is welcome.


I liked the parts with Danny, but wasn’t really a fan of Jane’s story. Just seemed like a rehash of Dr. Harrison without any real purpose.


I liked it though I kind of think rom com Jane was a little superfluous just for the show. She needed a Rachel haircut. I’m excited that we’re going to see more of the underground this week.


I was sad for Ray still having trouble with being Gay.

I’m on the opposite side, I think this gave us some very good insight into all of them.
Cliff finding that someone, especially a kid, can look upon him as something positive rather than a freak show.
Jane does have a personality that she “retreats” into when confronted with large emotional turmoil and that personality is predicated on a widely accepted and idealized point of view. Yet a “retreat” to this personality gives us insight that she prefers to be an “abnormal” personality.
Rita, we see compassion and attention to detail about Jane. This is an insight that she cares for members in ways that her default personality does not show. She is, when you peel back her facade, she is much less aloof.
In Vic and Larry, we see both of their struggles with accepting elements or aspects of their identity, including elements of their sexual identity. Look at Vic’s confrontation with his profile and the swipe left/right based on people knowing who he is and often being much more interested (in general) and within the context of the app, finding more sexual interest in Cyborg rather than Vic. I think Larry’s “karaoke” sequence is a good insight into him and his coming to grips with the “government’s” view, stereotyping/forcing specific behaviors and attempt weaponize his power and use elements of his sexual identity as a psychological weapon against him.

All in all, a very good and deeper dive into the psychology of each one of them. IMO.


I see all of your points @DeSade-acolyte, I think I was just a little disappointed with the episode because up until now, I think each episode was just better than the last, so I had come to expect more of each episode. I think we can all agree that episode 7 was a masterpiece, so it was hard to top that. All in all, I really did like it, I just had a few nit picky problems with the how the writers dealt with what I thought was the climax of Jane and Cliff’s relationship last episode.

Loved Danny.

Hated the Rom-Com Jane.

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Diff’rent Strokes, I guess.

I thought Danny Patrol was the best episode so far.

@ YoYoFroYo
IMO, Danny Patrol was much better therapy than their own Therapy Patrol. Danny was the best episode so far. I think they are gonna have a hard time topping it.

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I loved the episode and seeing Danny along with the development Larry got also got me very excited for next week and more Jane development. I thought her part in Danny Patrol was weaker than normal but not that bad. The only things for me personally that made the episode on the lower end of quality that we have seen from this fantastic show was probably just 2 things.

  1. The villains were so one note. I know the point was for them to be “Overly Normal” people but they could have been done better.
  2. Some of the moments and lines around the cabaret parts of the episode ranged from cheesy (which is fine) to really cringy (which took me out of experience)