Non-ultra weekly new comics list does not exist?

I have to assume this is an error of some sort. If not, a terrible user experience. It’s been this way a while, and I didn’t even realize I was missing things for the longest time.
First carousel list is Dive back in.
Then Ultra Releases.
Then Trending Series.
Then Dawn Of DC.
I understand (only from combing to the community page) that May 30 should have seen the release of (I forget exact title names) Nubia: Justice League, a new Justice Society series and some others. Here should I be seeing these? Why are they not present (as they were before I had Ultra)?

( in case there is any confusion, I am referring to the DC Infinite app, viewing on a iPad)

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For those experiencing the same confusion, I think I’ve figured out what is going on. The reason all the “infinite”(not “ultra”) new releases are not showing for Ultra users is that many titles show on ultra 1 month after print publication, and then on infinite (not ultra) 6 months after. So those titles, while ‘new’ to just-infinite, we’re seen as new 5 months prior for Ultra subscribers.

Which, for anyone running the show listening, if I’ve got this correct, it’s a terrible user experience for a new Ultra subscriber in their first 5 months— because there are 5 months of new books that they might not ever know about.

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